Being Nice to the People You Care About

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Give a small token of your friendship. Whether it’s your friend’s birthday or a random Tuesday, giving your friend a small gift is a nice way to show how much you care about that person. Make it thoughtful, like a sweater your friend was ogling last week at the mall, a book your friend has been meaning to read, or an album you know your friend will really love; that way, your friend will see that you really care. You shouldn’t do it to suck up or for ulterior purposes; just do it to be nice.
Help clean up. Whether you’re at a party thrown by an acquaintance or you’re in the aftermath of the birthday party at your cousin’s house, you should offer to help clean up. This is a nice way of showing you care and to make people feel appreciated for all that they do for you. Get a whole cleanup crew going and you’ll see that it can actually be fun to help out. Plus, this means that when you throw a party, people will be much more likely to help you in turn!

  • Some people will say that they don’t need your help and that they can do it on their own, but most likely, they will just be saying that to be polite. Insist on helping them out unless they really don’t want the help for some reason.
Be a good listener. One of the best ways to be nice to the people you know is to take the time to truly listen to them. Stop texting your other friend or looking around, and give the person you care about all of your attention as you fully absorb what that person is telling you. Don’t interrupt the person right away and let him or her finish before you speak up, and don’t automatically try to “solve” the person’s problem before fully understanding the situation. This will show the person how much you really care.

  • When you’re listening, don’t try to relate everything back to yourself or you’ll look self-absorbed and like you don’t really care.
Ask how the person is doing. Just simply taking the time to say, “How are you?” and really meaning it is a great way to be nice to a person. Don’t just ask this question in passing, but ask it in a way that really shows you mean it and care about the person and what he or she is feeling. You can of course be more specific, asking how the person is coping with a cold, dealing with a new job, or just how he or she is experiencing a new change.

  • Don’t ask the person just to look nice; make the effort to really care about others and how they are feeling.
Avoid gossip. Gossiping about the people you know and love is just plain mean. It will definitely get back to them and will make you look like a person that nobody can trust. If you want to be nice to the people you care about, don’t talk about them behind their backs; if you have an issue with them, bring it up to that person in a constructive way instead of broadcasting it to everyone in town. Gossiping is mean-spirited and will make you a meaner person.
Share. There’s something incredibly nice about sharing, whether you’re giving a friend half your sandwich or sharing your chemistry notes with a few friends during your study sessions. Sharing your clothes with friends or siblings is very nice, too. This doesn’t mean you should let people take advantage of you, but it does mean that it’s nice to let people benefit from the things you own and care about. Remember that it’s not really that nice to share something you don’t care about, but it is really nice to share your favorite sweater with your best friend.
Put others first (at least sometimes). You don’t have to let people walk all over you to put other people first every once in a while. Let your friend order first at the restaurant. Let your boyfriend pick the movie you’re going to watch. Let your little sister eat the last ice cream sandwich in the freezer. Being nice means caring about other people instead of always wanting to do everything only for yourself.

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