Nisha Agarwal’s acts in a Lip-lock Scene!

Kajal Agarwal is one of the leading south Indian actresses. She recently caught in the controversy with her semi-nude pictures that appeared in a lifestyle magazine FHM.

This actress’ sister Nisha Agarwal is also now becoming busy in films now and creating those shock waves like her sister, but differently!

While Kajal Agarwal’s was the semi-nude picture Nisha Agarwal’s is her Lip-lock scene that she shot for a Tamil upcoming film. The actress did not hesitate to do the lip-lock act with hero Vimal for a scene in the film ‘Ishtam’. “What is wrong in doing these scenes if storydemands? I don’t mind acting in such scenes and I don’t mind what others say”, says Nisha Agarwal when quizzed about the scene. It may be mentioned that Kajal Agarwal had issued statements that she would never act in any lip-lock scenes or in any obscene scene that would put her family in embarrassment.


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