New actress regrets but later enjoys her first lip-lock with hero!

Have you heard before about a new face heroine’s regret for a lip lock with the hero and enjoys the same for the right reason behind the same? If not… please read further…

Vidhya is the new face who got an unforgettable role in Aaravathu Vanam, a yet to be released film directed by debutant Buvanesh.

According to the storyline, the heroine having soft corner towards the hero and after a stage she falls in love with him. But the hero doesn’t feel the same and tries to kill her uncle for an old enmity developed between them. One day he comes to her village and finds her uncle in front of her. Initially, the heroine wrongly understood that the hero came to saw her. But after seen the brutality through his eyes, she realized the critical situation.

Soon she understood the entire thing and trying to save her uncle as well as love. She rushed towards the hero and gives a lip to lip kiss. Slowly the hero lost his tempers and cooling with the sensational kiss of heroine

This is the situation. Vidhya, a new face from Kerala has done the scene perfectly.

Initially the heroine refuses to do the kissing scene and walked out from the sets. But later the director convinced her parents and Vidhya done the lip lock scene with ease. Later she worried al lot and even shedding tears for the lip lock. At a stage the director called her and shown the scenes shot with her. After seen this, the actress laughing for more than 30 minutes and regrets for her innocence.

Aaravathu Vanam shooting is going on in Topslip area near Aanaimalai (Coimbatore) amidst more than 2000 local public.

Directed by Bhuvanesh, the film is developing on a real life story that happened in Pollachi area. Thiagarajan is producing the film under his banner MPG Films.

The film will be released on the first week of July worldwide.


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