Break The Taboo About Love & Sex In Your 20s & Start Living It

Most people start to figure out their life’s course and what direction they wanna go into by the time they reach their mid-20s. But when it comes to love or sex, many of us are still deciding for either one or both.

20s is always filled with fun and excitement, happiness and hope that leads them to various experiences and adventures of our lives. But places like our country or some backward areas of the nation still treats the ‘sex education’ or even the word ‘sex’ as a taboo, and we are unable to see any end to it anytime soon.

This is the time of your life that should be the most pleasurable and adventure-filled. Your expressions speak your mind and you learn to pull-up your guard at the right time. But there are a few things that you must know about, right before turning 30.

So, to improve your interest and knowledge, here are some interesting facts and things to know about love & sex.

1. Criticizing Your Body Will Never Help

We often hear women saying that how fat they have become or how hard they are trying to shed of those ‘extra’ kilos. But ladies, you need to understand that there is nothing to be ashamed of about the way you look.

In fact, you should accept your body the way it is and live your life happily!

2. There Is No Such Thing As ‘Perfect Couple’

You must be wondering that you have been told a lie your whole, or all your teen years. But let us break it to you, ‘there is no such things as a Perfect Couple’.

Your future is always uncertain and the past is what has already happened, so focusing on living that perfect life is nothing but a waste of your precious time and the moments that you two can spend together, in content.

3. Drunk-Sex Is A Big No-No!

Drunk sex can actually be dangerous for you. While in the drunk state, you are unable to handle yourself, let alone handling the other person you are rolling around with. It’s clumsy and hard to focus on.

And the worst part about this is that people become hornier during having that drunk sex and it’s hard to reach the orgasm while doing so.

4. Every Man Will Treat The Same As His Mother & Sister

Changing someone’s behavior is out of our reach, but let us tell you that you must not get aggressive or annoyed if your partner is not treating you like his mommy dear or that naughty sister.

Everyone has different and an inbuilt perception about their family and their girlfriend. If gets mad at you, give him some space and time, and things will get back to normal soon.

5. Saying NO is Right

This one will be difficult for you, especially of are a sentimental kind of person. The word NO demand the action to be stopped immediately. So, the next time you didn’t feel like having sex or anything that is against your will, you need to voice out NO.

6. Break The Rules & Try New Things

You are in your 20s and you haven’t tried anything new and adventurous yet. Well, gal, this is the time to pack your bags and head out to that crazy adventure starting from now!

7. Heartbreak Might Actually Turn To Be A Good Lesson

It happens to the rarest of us, that our first love lasts forever and remains with us for the rest of our life! But, for others, it doesn’t have to end on that heartbreak. Go out and live your life, the world hasn’t stopped living, so shouldn’t you!

Keep an open mind and heart, who knows who you meet at that turn of your life!

8. Walk Away From That Toxic Or Unhappy Relationship, Instantly

We Indians have the habit of sticking into the relationship no matter what, even though after knowing that how toxic that relationship is for us.

Don’t wait for the person to change, simply walk away and hope for the best to happen in future. Doing this, you will not only save yourself but you will also save the people around you from the heartbreak that they have been suffering from.

You can add more things to the list by simply commenting in the box below. And tell us what do you think makes a relationship healthy and better.


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