Lerato Kganyago: “I can’t have children!”

In a tweet, the multi-talented Lerato Kganyago bravely tells the world that she cannot have children – and hopes no one on twitter ever asks her about it again. 

Having wished her Twitter followers a happy Mother’s Day last Sunday, someone had asked Lerato when she’ll be having her own children. Her reply was short and heartbreaking: “I can’t have children. Hope I won’t be asked this question ever again on this app!”

It was also around this time (May) last year when Lerato opened up about her miscarriage and fertility problems in an interview with True Love magazine. Telling the publication how she suffered from fibroids, which doctors told her would make it difficult for her to fall pregnant. Lerato miscarried her first baby during her second trimester of the pregnancy.

“I was admitted, and after the doctor did a scan, she told me I had miscarried. I sat on the hospital bed numb. I called my mom and my ex, who both cried,” she told True Love.

Lerato went for counselling, which helped her towards finding peace and closure with a lot of things that she was dealing with in her life.



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