The low down on that SUMMER bod

HOW IS IT ALMOST MAY ALREADY??? Yes, summer is almost here. Do you have vacations planned? I am going to Europe at the beginning of June, and I’m so excited!

I will be completely honest – since the opening of the new studio my own workouts have been off. I have been so busy. “Busy is good, busy is good” is what I keep telling myself. But with a trip just around the corner, I start to panic just a little – I don’t need a six pack, but I do want to feel good in my bikini.  But most importantly, I want to look my best for my body. Not the bikini model on instagram or a woman in Oxygen magazine, BUT my very best body for me.

I am a normal girl who likes to enjoy good food, drinks, and of course ice cream here and there IN MODERATION. I like to enjoy my life and feel fit. Fit could mean so many different things to every woman. I measure my fitness by definition throughout my body, ab lines, a perky booty, and fitting in my clothes. This summer, it’s time to put a little more effort into myself so that I can be proud of all my hard work when I’m putting on my bikini instead of being upset for not putting in the work.

Do you also want the best body for you? Do you want to feel good in your skin this summer? Then I can’t wait to share our next project in the making. This is NOT your average bikini challenge but a Sweat Pretty Summer challenge to lead you in the right directions of feeling & looking good at your body’s best for the upcoming best summer yet.

Sweat Pretty is built around women working on their fitness goals to look their best for THEM without comparing to the airbrushed model or that friend who eats whatever they want and are still thin (we all have one of those). In Sweat Pretty, we find that balance of your body that makes you feel good inside and out while also enjoying life and of course SUMMER.

Here is the issue, by the time bikini season rolls around, it’s a little too late. The truth is, it takes a few weeks for your body to get that weight loss kick start and start showing progress. So, it’s important to start ahead of time! The hardest part is actually getting started. On the bright side, starting a routine now will ensure results by the time summer starts and Sweat Pretty teaches you to build habits to keep you trim until next season.

If you’re interested in joining, Sweat Pretty Summer Series you will learn to:

  • sweat for you
  • focus on your goals
  • plan out your time and prep
  • learn to eat & work out intuitively
  • jump start moderation in all things
  • finally feel good in your own skin & meet your fitness goals


Here are my favorite tips to getting ready for Summer/all year long:

  • Set reminders for yourself throughout the day. I set these to help with my diet, keep my motivation high, and make sure I am actively participating in my life, rather than just trying to get through each day. My personal favorite is my 9:00am reminder: “be positive and patient.” This goal reminds me not to become obsessed with a body size but work on positive character traits too.
  • Keep a food log! I don’t like apps because they have a high focus on caloric intake and less on the type of food. I keep a journal and write down the types of foods I was eating that day. I prefer to see a long list of nutrient-dense whole foods like fruits, veggies, meats, and grains rather than a short list of processed foods.
  • If you have a sudden urge to eat something unhealthy ask yourself why? Did you suddenly see the food and want it because it was available or did you actually want it? If you did actually want it, go for it! Giving yourself a treat every once and awhile is fine and helps you stay on track in the long run. Make sure to treat yo self with what you actually want and not just what’s convenient. But if you didn’t actually want to eat that bag of cheetos, and you were just bored or it was conveniently in your kitchen, you might want to choose an apple or other crunchy snack instead.
  • Don’t weigh yourself everyday. Water weight fluctuates your body weight so much that it is impossible to notice weight loss on the daily basis. Focus on your body and how you feel, not just your weight!
  • When you eat, stop dieting!! Make a change in your life for longer than the summer. Don’t skip meals and do not cut corners. Eat whole foods and complete this process in a healthy manner.

Along with keeping your head up and your desire to work out alive comes the actual routine. Something to remember is to mix cardio, strength training, and 1-2 active rest days a week. You will find an increase in weight loss with cardio because it burns a lot of calories, definition with strength training (which also burns calories long after leaving the gym), and active rest reduces injuries by giving your muscles time to repair and rest. Together, you’ll be looking toned and lean this summer season!

Sweat Pretty Summer will have all three of these routines planned out for you! Leave the guessing game to me! It will be planned out perfectly for a fat burning & toning machine! I also will be adding in my special intuitive eating online course to start working on enjoying food, not fearing food & reaching your goals.

If you are:

  • ready for a change
  • want to improve the shape your in
  • work on you fitness & only compare to your body
  • learn to love your body at every stage
  • start feeling better everyday
  • learn to fuel your body correctly for an energized, glowing skin, healthy you!



Then Sweat Pretty Summer is for you! Join me and other girls get ready for summer & finally learn a lifestyle that will last you for many summers to come!

Work hard and work for yourself. Don’t make your goal to look like someone in an ad, magazine, or on social media because you are not them. Work to be your best self, for yourself.



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