The life lessons I’ve learned from suitcase packing

ultimate packing guide

What they never really tell you about travel is that while it may or may not broaden the mind, it definitely narrows the wardrobe options.

I’ve just been around the world in three and a half weeks. First Mexico, then Los Angeles, finally Kyoto. The majority of it was for fashion shows.
You’ve seen and read enough about the fashion world to know what that entails – fancy cocktails and fancier parties (The Devil Wears Prada was not a parody. It was cinema verité. One of the invitation’s dress codes read: Fearless, for which read long, sparkly and fabulous). Then there are the back and front stage interviews where you need to be ready for a bit of rough and tumble, and sundry other engagements where you have to look effortless but somehow polished, despite ferocious jetlag and deadlines that are wholly incompatible with your current time zone.


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