Anthony Bourdain and Girlfriend Asia Argento Make It Instagram Official

Anthony Bourdain and Asia Argento
Anthony Bourdain and Asia Argento are now Instagram official. (Photo: Asia Argento via Instagram)

Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain and his love, Italian actress Asia Argento, might need a standing reservation for two.

The couple appears to be getting serious, three months after Page Six confirmed they were dating. Bourdain, 60, and Argento, 41, shared similar photos at the same time Tuesday that show them casually cuddling on a grassy lawn. She hashtagged it “perfect moment.”

"Put your head down and work like a motherfucker." -Lydia Tenaglia @zpzproduction  Link in bio.
A cinematography sampler from the great team at #PartsUnknown @zpzproduction @partsunknowncnn
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It's official! Here's our next chef for season 6. .
@dannybowienchinesefood #NewChefWhoDis #mindofachef
Ready for the screening of our Rome episode  and panel discussion #LACMA in LA. Very proud of the work my director, shooters editor and producers did .  Always bet on black .
My daughter is growing up right. Early work.
get your own damn show @jonahray... #HiddenAmerica 5/4 @seesotv
Dambe #Lagos traditional fighting art 📷photo by Jane Hahn
Repost @helencho: 💥💥@natediaz209 @nickdiaz209 #partsunknown sunday
With Femi, Seun and Yeni Kuti in #Lagos
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@officialdannytrejo 4/30 #PartsUnknown #LosAngeles
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April 24 2016
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Sorry kids, the Easter Bunny will NOT be showing up this year. @ericripert tore off his head and sucked the brains right out of his skull. Doesn't he know that #meatismurder
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Sabato 25 Marzo, alle 21:00 ( e domenica 26, alle 17:00 ) apre a Orvieto, Teatro Mancinelli, per la prima nazionale, “Rosalind Franklin- Il Segreto della Vita” con Asia Argento e Filippo Dini, di Anna Ziegler, regia di Filippo Dini. Lo straordinario racconto degli ultimi anni di vita della scienziata che ha fotografato per prima la doppia elica del DNA e ha rivoluzionato genetica e ricerca scientifica. La storia di questa donna straordinaria e della “foto 51”. Al teatro Eliseo di Roma, dal 28/3 al 16/4.
Eating Korea: Reports On A Culinary Renaissance by Graham Holliday is out now! I'm very proud to publish this book. @noodlepie @bourdainbooks
Warning! @toddliebler
Shooting the film version of @ericripert memoir,  32 YOLKS--TO SLAUGHTER , loosely  based on his memoir. Very loosely based. ( the original frankly needed some action scenes) . No animals  were hurt or inconvenienced in the making of this picture. And Eric's kung fu skills were on point during the fight scenes.
DP @toddliebler pioneer of new genre: #AlpineGiallo
A humble breakfast on the farm
Aspiring milkmaid @ericripert communes with nature
"The mountains mean more than what they seem at first glance but are also beautiful simply for what they are... " Anna Ziegler
Teatro Eliseo 28 Mar 16 April
Last one. The incredible POLY STYRENE
Ellen Sirleaf Johnson: president of Liberia
Shirley Clarke : Filmmaker
Eileen Nearne  Spy. Resistance fighter. War Hero
BUSH TETRAS DNA  La Mere Brazier .SIX Michelin stars . Author  Director
The Revenge of The Ripper : in which mountain raised Alpinist, Eric Ripert exacts  Terrible Payback for his sufferings in Sichuan Province. #Chamonix
Ciao #Roma
It's "Lil' Lord Tweetsalot" . And he's adorable!  Adopt your own! At stores everywhere !
Dangerous Women of Porto #DeezNuts ( guard them)
The Fateful Negroni #TBT
Malcom Lowry
"He speaks for the Werewolf in us; the bully, the predatory shyster who turns into something unspeakable, full of claws and bleeding string-warts on nights when the moon comes too close…" Hunter S Thompson on Nixon
George Orwell knew a few things
Home again
Having seen it up close , I don't find much to admire about this. I am returning  to very different country than the one I left a few weeks ago.
Economy class
Flight out C-17 #Antarctica from the sea ice
Airport shuttle #Antarctica
Smoking lounge at Scott Base ( New Zealanders) #Antarctica
Luxe digs #Mactown #HotelCalifornia #Antarctica
Alpha Bravo
Transport #DustOff
Lodging #glacier
Under the volcano #MountErebus
Midnight in Mactown #Antarctica
Charlie don't surf!
30 feet below the South Pole, tunnels carved into the snow. Odd shrines carved into the walls by long gone contractors and scientists . Temperature : -59 degrees F
Every direction is North #South Pole
Cool Herc
Here's hoping
Ready for the ice
Yesterday, after s 24 hour flight , Josh offloaded 34 Pelican cases, with one other person, relayed them in small carts through customs, loaded them into the shuttle bus to the domestic terminal, unloaded, put them back on carts and checked them all in. Then he went to work. BAD @sugahjay ! Bad!
THANK you @United employee Divina Reyes #052843 for your heroic assistance in getting me out of Newark and onward to Antarctica . Your broken field running was amazing.  Never could have done it without you!
Passport no bueno !
It's The Greatest's birthday
The Girl takes a last photo . Back to school!
M. Ripert et Mlle. Bourdain
@bobbyfisherphotography photo
Father and daughter
This year @caymancookout , for @chefjoseandres grand entrance, @ericripert the boys will be appearing as #CarmenMiranda and #LupeVelez . I'm holding out for #IdaLupino
Zaku Agonistes #DP in repose
Where's the unicorn?
Go Train!
What did they say about Nixon? "Tanned, rested and ready." #Trinidad
"So. What did I miss?" (Lazarus)
Photo: Henri Cartier-Bresson
"I did not go to the Arabian desert to collect plants nor to make a map; such things were incidental. At heart I knew that to write or even to talk of my travels was to tarnish the achievement." Wilfred Thesiger
In retrospect, I blame this matching shorts and knee socks incident for the decades of bad decision making that followed. #ChildhoodTrauma
Noon buzz. Ma Po Tofu on a cold NYC day #HanDynasty
KHalas! #Oman
Congratulations and thank you to everyone at @zpzproduction for the @criticschoice awards--particularly the incredibly hard working directors of photography, producers and editors who bust their asses every time trying to make something strange and special and unlike anything else. Our best work yet.
Evening prayer #Oman
In memory of AA Gill. He loved places like this

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