How to Deal with Bad Attitude

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Bad Attitude – Just work is not enough, you must have right attitude at work instead of having bad attitude, right attitude is more important. If you take up something you love doing as a profession, it’s generally said that you will love doing it and work will never be monotonous. Being an employee it’s very important that you spread the right message in the workplace. A wrong message can be harmful as it creates an environment of havoc and also spreads negativity in workplace. Other employee’s productivity is also affected. Thus, having a positive work environment is so important. Keep your employees happy and empowered. These are ten steps that can help you tackle bad attitude at work.

It can be at times to resolve workplace issues; one should focus on it mainly rather than employee bad attitude at work. Removing workplace issues must be the first priority for the employer. What are the major issues your employer is facing-Is it financial crisis; or is it some family issues –Why is he regularly coming late at work? What is that your employee is going through…There are tools like  Target Performance Management that helps you to develop a dream workplace to encourage extreme commitment to work , a dream workplace where your employees will love to work at .An open platform to find the right skill sets you want to hire and employ is important ,not only hire but also fire in case they show this regular negativity at workplace -that your employees find to be a fair and caring deal to work with …A platform for effective team work ,employee communication and collaboration at work –a happy workplace which enhances employee retention.

Every employer wants to create a happy workplace –he dreams that his employees are happy and satiated and the job retentivity is higher compared to other competitors .No employer wants to keep searching for new people and resources and keeps hiring fresh talent.

Bad Attitude

Let’s take a look at what exactly is a problem behaviour?

Definition of Problem Behaviour

A Behaviour that is in any form harmful to the organization or others. “Harmful behaviour” includes from poor hygiene bad attitude leading to chronic complaints to be offensive, illegal, or life-threatening actions. The management or the employer needs to take the necessary action against such employee in case he violates the company and work ethics. This  bad attitude reduces productivity at work. This disruptive behaviour is not the characteristic of a high performing normal employee.

Note: When the employee is really rude at work, sending harsh meeting replies, coming late, showing unwanted and alarming behaviour at work, this kind of behaviour is indeed very transparent and it now demands you to take the right action at the right time and resort to find the best solution to this problem. Your employee behaviour will speak for the actions you need to take – no research or in depth scrutiny is needed.

Some Steps To Help Employees to tackle bad attitude at work

  1. Talk to the employee personally

Talk to him personally. Tell him what makes him come late. What is the reason and can you as a colleague help him out to find out a better solution to his problems. Speaking in private is sometimes helpful to tackle out many problems. Speak to him, observe his way at work and motivate him in case if he is demotivated at work.

  1. Explain him how his bad attitude might affect people working around him

Explain to him that this attitude of his might affect other workers and colleagues working around him. This is not the right working organizational culture. Tell him how important it is to be disciplines in your work as this might leave a bad impression on your manager and give you a bad and impoverished rating which might affect his/her promotion in job and career. Explain him if he is not finding his job satisfactory look out for better opportunities if he is not able to find so ,help him if possible.

  1. Propagate a culture at work

Maintain a culture at work. Organize weekend programs and spread effective communication among employees such that he can share his problems with other employees if he has some issues with the profile. Some employees might face problems because of external issues outside job. Thus, it’s very important to be supportive.

  1. Contact your human resources

Contact your HR. Ask her about ways to motivate the employee. The employee seems demotivated. Encourage him and show him the good perspectives of life. See how his changed attitude will bring a change in him and the way he perceives work.

  1. Ask him to take up extra-curricular activities

Ask him to take up to yoga, exercises and other related activities which can help him relax ,be patient and look for better opportunities in life.

How such bad attitude can affect other employees?

  • Such bad attitude can affect employees as other employees also start coming up late to work
  • They gossip and spread rumours about an employee. They do not have any faith in their managers and get demotivated at work.
  • People start talking behind their co-workers.
  • Spread criticism about the manager and do not like to work or be with such an employee.

There are other means to handle such employees through psychotherapy, religion or brain surgery but it gets rarely rectified or corrected.

How to have a positive attitude at work?

Having a positive attitude towards work is so important, but it is generally difficult to us to inculcate this attitude as we get busier in our hectic schedule of our lives. Thus, here are some tips to have a positive attitude towards work. You need to also speak up if you experience problems in your job life.

  • TREAT YOUR COWORKERS WITH RESPECT: Respect all at work. It is very important you respect all. They will value you and be friends at work as good colleagues. Treating colleagues at work rightly is thus so very important.
  • SLEEP WELL: Taking enough rest and sleeping 8 hours is a must. Your brain and eyes need rest from this stressful life. You need to take rest to keep yourself and your mind active to manage the daily chores of your job life.
  • PROPER EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT: Today the human resources team are working towards ensuring that employee communications are good enough such that there is enough employee engagement which helps them to be involved in their job profile with the company and feel motivated.
  • IDENTIFY THE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS: You might not even realize what your thoughts are. Beware of negative thoughts. Even if you can’t change negative thoughts at least you can be aware of these emotions and think whether you are justified .There are positive thinking courses that can help you to learn more positive techniques to use in everyday situations.


  • WORK ON YOUR STRESS LEVEL : Work on your stress level by practicing out YOGA activities, AEROBICS and other related stress relieving activities to help you feel refreshed and motivated to work another Monday with a fresh mind. You might not even realize that you are thinking negatively. Start to be aware, by your actions, deeds and words. Think about what would happen if you would think in a more positive way. Even if you can’t change every single negative emotion, you can try to remove every aspect of it from your job life. Remember that negative work can do ample harm to work and working environment, thus it’s very important to be positive in work.

10 steps to motivate your employees

A pleasant work environment is very important. Try to make the office look friendly and good enough to motivate employees. A friendly environment will make them happy and motivated to work eagerly.

Create a workspace that is not cramped. The more free they feel to move around, the happier they are. Make sure office has ac’s and computers and good ergonomics suitable for employees. This keeps them motivated. There should be enough light, pleasant ambiences and lighting and fresh air. You can set up relaxing furniture and they don’t have to be rooted to their desks. There should be lot of air and light around.

  • Take advantage of wall space: Your employees will spend lot of time to catch attention put a bulletin to post pictures, keep them all informed, post pictures, birthday pictures, birthday cards to help them feel comfortable and acquainted to all in office. You can write person’s achievements, put small notices on board and poster’s to show company’s progress, social workplaces for your employees, hand pictures easy on eyes.
  • It’s difficult to manage bad performance at job and hence an HR manager needs to manage this negativity and poor work performance.

Here we have listed some common employee behaviour issues listed :

Common Employee Problem Behaviour –

  • Poor performance at work
  • Poor work quality.
  • Absenteeism, comes late and leaves early at job.
  • Argumentative and rebellious; fights for small things and poor in networking and socializing.
  • Does not follow company rules and regulations
  • Not cooperative and is very rigid and stubborn –not at all submissive.
  • Bossy and bullying in nature
  • Rude, mean, feeling less and harsh employee nature.
  • Tantrums, gossips and spread rumours and grapevine conversation.
  • Lot of negativity with work and other employee
  • Employee grievances.

This list goes on to show how employee behaviour is affecting organizations and how employee behaviour is not supportive to people within organizations. Well, now if you want to know about bad attitude, let’s imagine a situation-  if your employee is harsh, it is a bad attitude; if he’s angry and frustrated.

This bad attitude can be due to :

  • Non-hearing of employee grievances
  • Overload of work
  • Too much work
  • Bad organizational culture
  • Too much work pressure
  • Work complaints maybe safety issues and theft
  • No employee engagement schemes at work.

Recognizing high performers and awarding them is the best tool to high employee productivity and performance.


Do you actually know that how employee appreciation catering to any kind of work the employee does can be greatly motivating for the employee. Praise for the deliverables met on time, for work done efficiently before the deadlines are points to be praised for. Appreciate the employee and make him feel how well he is doing .Appraise him .Identify high performers and mention out their outstanding efforts, contributions and how they are a valuable asset to the organization.


Though not possible to measure on a scale, it is a powerful tool to create a team environment. This encourages employees for high performance, higher retention rates, higher productivity, and reduced expenses to inattentiveness at work, safety issues or on the job downtime. Recognizing employees for the work they do, only costs some time and effort .It’s a work which will pay you back as an employer. Once you initiate this program you will see that it bears you results.

Benefits of Employee Recognition At Work

  • HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY: Employee productivity enhances, and many a times improves when employee’s high performance is recognized and rewarded.
  • REDUCED REWORK: Increase efforts at work in a way reduces work errors and in a way reduces rework at work. It enhances employee productivity and high performance is in a way delivered.
  • REDUCED COST: Ad work and rework is reduced, unwanted costs are reduced and the company can expect better return on low company expenses.
  • EMPLOYEE RETENTIVITY: Retentivity enhances as employees perform better and they are motivated to work .They no longer remain job hoppers and stick to one job and do not leave jobs or switch to other jobs.
  • IMPROVED PEFORMANCE RATINGS: As employee performs well the company gets better returns and the managers are happy with the work performed. They give higher and improved ratings to employees and overall yearly appraisals of each employees are better.
  • MONTHLY HIKES: Better performance appraisals result in performance pay and hikes on monthly and yearly basis, which produces high performing, satisfied and happy employees.

Employee Motivating Techniques

Chainsaw: This is called the Red chain saw way of appraising the employee. The recipients are given plaque to recognize contributions at work which can go beyond the call of duty, to produce exceptional results. Then the recipient of the award is announced, the plaque placed on wall, to continue to motivate and inspire others at work and the lust of being awarded before all –to keep them motivated at work.

Appreciation and recognition are the two very important and major factors that motivate employees to keep striving towards their goals at work. They want to aim higher and better to be applauded by hikes and increase in pay scales. By applauding employees in front of friends and colleagues, it is the greatest motivation one can get to do better anytime.

How Employees Get Demotivated?

Here are some ways which employers are unaware of, but employers must know that this is demotivating your happy and dedicated employees.

  • OVER SUPERVISION BY MANAGERS: Too much of supervision by managers and supervisors is demotivating for employees. This makes employees feel demotivated and over supervised. They cannot enjoy absolute freedom at work and feel very demotivated. Such employees are job hoppers and change jobs to more satisfying and happy jobs at workplace suited to their needs.
  • LOW PAYSCALES: This is another demotivating factor for employees. They work hard each day 24 *7 struggling to meet deadlines, struggling to work harder ,but what they get in return is a very low pay for high and long working hours day and night.
  • POOR APPRAISALS: Giving bad appraisals to employees is highly demotivating. It leads to employees turning into job hoppers .They often change jobs due to poor appraisals or appreciation for the long hours of hard work they have been putting into their work. Poor job ratings are indeed very demotivating from the employee perspective .As promotions remain at hold and hikes are rejected.

People usually think their behaviour at work is good enough, justifying, whether anyone at office agrees or not. Carefully investigate if your employee has a bad attitude at work .There might be work related reasons for this behaviour though. Sometimes external reasons cause an employee to behave like this .It’s not very willing for an employee even to behave this way ;there might be external reasons why he might be behaving this way .There might be personal problems like family, marital issues, health, medical, conflict or financial issues etc. Try to focus on resolving these problem behaviour.

Most employees, be it anyone, does show some negative behaviour at times. Everyone has the occasional bad day. People make comments which they later regret. But this behaviour definitely does affect the organizational behaviour. Be aware and monitor it. If you are a good human resource, respond quickly and effectively with feedback, coaching assistance, financial aid or counselling to avoid these mistakes. Probably, the effect will be on future ones. They show continuous problem behaviour, minor and isolated accidents. Survey shows 5 percent people do not like what they are doing in their jobs.

They will love to get away if they can with the kind of work they are doing. If you already have   these people, end their employment or replace with fresh minds. If you have more than 5% of these employees, remove them or else you are causing hindrance to a happy working environment. If you have not had employees like this, your performance management is exceptionally good and you are doing well at work as a hr. Grapevines and gossip can be harmful at workplace.

Here are 5 disadvantages of grape wine and rumours one should avoid.

  • Spreading rumours
  • Affects productivity
  • Poor performance
  • Lacks controls
  • Distorts messages
  • Grapevines communication thus affects employee productivity, and spreads a negative image at workplace. Stay away from it to make a happier and better workplace to work at with high productivity and performance.

Keep motivating your employees and work harder to make your offices a better working place and remove all negativity to ensure positive minded people and office environment.


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