It’s no secret that some people have lookalikes.


It’s no secret that some people have lookalikes. In fact, most of us have had this awkward experience when we thought we saw a familiar face and yelled our supposed-friend’s name, but it turned out to be a completely different person. Well, it’s something that happens to everyone, even to celebrities. They don’t, of course, get mistaken for somebody else (at least not often) but they have some really amazing doppelgangers that totally look like them. Or should we say it’s a bit creepy? Okay, maybe it’s absolutely creepy. When you see these twins together it’s almost impossible to tell the difference. Here are 15 celebrity lookalikes we simply can’t get over.



Taylor Swift
Meet Morgan Jensen, a girl that looks like Taylor Swift. Even the star herself was a little bit freaked out when she saw Morgan’s friend post a bunch of selfies on Instagram. She was so impressed that she even commented on the photos, making these two girls jump with excitement. Sometimes it’s good to look like your favorite celebrity!



Ed Sheeran
These two look like they were born twins. It’s just hard to believe they aren’t related in any way! Ty Jones admits it’s been a little bit hard for him as people always mistake him for Ed Sheeran. Poor guy can’t even find a girlfriend because of that!



Justin Bieber
Meet Justin and Robin. Can you even tell them apart? These guys look creepily alike and it must be hard for Robin Verrecas to walk the streets during the day. Hoards of girls must be following his every step!

Chloë Grace Moretz
Chloe is completely in love with her newly found doppelganger and, frankly speaking, we are too! Edcell Ched is just as cute as the young star and rocks the same amazing smile. Edcell studies at the university in Philippines and has become somewhat of a star herself lately once everyone noticed the resemblance.



Emma Watson
It’s almost impossible to tell that this girl is NOT Emma Watson. Can you believe it? Yet if you take a closer look you’ll notice the small details – the shape of her eyes is different and the face is pointier.


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