Instagram started off as a social image-sharing network,


Instagram started off as a social image-sharing network, but it eventually became a place to show off your… everything, really. From drawing skills, to photography tricks, to unusually charismatic pets, and, of course, fitness babes and buff dudes. It basically should be called Bragstagram at this point.
Speaking of fitness babes – when you start browsing their pics, you quickly believe that you’re an overweight pig, and the only thing you can do is lie on the floor and start crying like a child. Or… at least that’s what I’ve heard. Let’s be frank: some Instagram users can create a lot of pretty unrealistic expectations about your body.
But, fear not, my big-boned ladies, the very people who set those expectations and body images have taken to Instagram to show you that even the fittest bodies aren’t perfect at all.



1. Anna Victoria
Yes, we all have that tummy fat. It all depends on the pose and the camera angle.



2. Jen Widerstrom
Bend your back a bit and flex your abs, because that’s all it takes to get this look. Of course, to flex those abs, you’d need to have them first.



3. Emily Skye
Now that you know this nifty trick, maybe you’ll be more confident!

4. Kayla Itsines
I’ll just let you read the text, it’s all there. But still, thanks, Kayla!



5. Maggie Fierro
Who knew our tummies could do that?

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