Sexy Hyderabad Lady Into Numerology!


Poonam Kaur Changes her name as per Numerology!


Film industry is one place where lot of celebrities believe in Rahu-Ketu poojas, wearing stones, and believing in numerology for every simple to big happening.

Right now this sexy Hyderabad lady is making waves with her numerology concerns.

Earlier a top starlet like Tamanna to depended on Numerology and changed her name to ‘Tamannah‘ from ‘Tamanna‘ to score a hit. She is being followed by sexy Hyderabad lady Poonam Kaur at the moment. Our hottie is not able to meet ends even after showcasing her wilder side in hot photo shoots and only side character roles are knocking her doors.

Reportedly Poonam Kaur has now changed her name to ‘Puunam Khaur‘ to fetch luck. This was done as per numerology and the latest change in the way her name is written is expected to do miracles. While people who believe in it are expecting this sexy lady to scale heights, others can’t simply resist laughing.

They say that, only proper projection and contacts that can help starring aside big star heroes will help heroines to grab opportunities but not these name changes.


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