Parvathy lashes out at media’s false reports on her remuneration!

Actress Parvathy has lashed at media for spreading false reports on her remuneration. The Mariyaan actress who is a big star in Kerala has asked media houses to remove those reports and requested them to become more responsible.

“How about we agree to stick to ethics?I don’t remember ever revealing to any channel/website how much I get paid. I also have not got any message or call from any media agency/journalist asking me the same.

However, websites and news channels have gone ahead and decided how much my remuneration is and why I “hiked” my price!”, posted Parvathy on her Facebook page.

“How hard is it really to check facts? Isn’t that the most basic step a journalist must take? Is it any lack of news that prompts you to make up stories backing it up by the most disgusting lie of a phrase “according to sources”?”, asks the actress.

“It’s another matter altogether that how much I get paid is none of the anybody’s business except between the producer and I. Also, my talking about wage disparity does not warrant such a move on your behalf either. Wage disparity is a social concern that needs to be discussed.

To create fake news of an artist pay is just wrong. Kindly remove such false and baseless articles and elevate your standards. I still have not given up hope on you.We, the people, need you, to be honest. We, your subjects, deserve your respect. Deeply disappointed”, concluded Parvathy.


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