What did you have to compromise to marry someone?

I had no prior experience with any other girl before meeting my wife. I was raised the way that a man would choose a girl who would make a good mother, not lover. It wasn’t that kind of conventional marriage but it was some sort of a decision I took based on the fact that she looked like a good potential mother. After being engaged for like a year I found out that she wasn’t the girl I would love to grow old with.

With her sweet family that I couldn’t afford to hurt or vilify (this is the case in our community when you break the engagement) and with my family’s pressure on me to continue that relationship, I just couldn’t break up. We got married while deep inside I didn’t like the way she looked, talked, and more importantly thought about anything. We were two opposites in almost everything.

We suffered a lot in our first couple of years that we considered a divorce several times. Thinking about our little angel daughter we decided over and over again to be patient and see what happens.

After opening up to each other and bridging lots of differences, we managed to melt in each other. We read together, watched TV, traveled abroad and made friends, lived hand to mouth and sometimes lived off, and faced lots of prejudice etc.

We’ve been married for 8 years now. Every day we get closer to each other. In fact, now I don’t remember what I didn’t like about her. I compromised almost everything to end up liking almost everything about her and our relationship.

Take a look at the fruit of our marriage…..

Rihanna (now 7)

And Masa (a diamond in Arabic)


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