My Friendship Story

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I am here to tell you my story.

I met my friend Jeniffer in class six.
When I first saw her I thought she was very arrogant. I am speaking frankly. At that time I had a friend named Chandni but she was not my best friend. We were just friends. Then slowly one day I started talking with Jeniffer. I understood that she was not bad at all. She was good and very sweet. My first impression was wrong. We slowly became friends. Image may contain: 2 people

By the end of my class six, Je niffer and I had a fight with Chandni. When that happened, she was really crying. We knew that it was all acting. She was not at all serious with our friendship. She wanted us to be her friends just for her own needs.

Then in class seven, on the first day, she was not talking to us. At that time, Jeniffer and became best friends. After awhile, Chandni said many things about Jeniffer and I believed her. I started talking with her more than Jeniffer.

Over time, I was the one behaving very arrogantly with her just because Chandni said those things to me.

One in in class seven we were in the computer lab and we were four best friends, me, Jeniffer, Chandni and Priya. It wasn’t long that all three of the other friends started behaving strangly with me. Sure, they were talking with me but Im was always alone ost of the time and the three of them were they three together. I thought that they didn’t think of me as their friend anymore.

I thought Chandni as my bestest friend but one day we had a group of friends in the class and we were going to play truth and dare. One boy of our group called me and Jeni because we were sitting very apart from them. Jeniffer said that she had a pain in her

leg so she would not be able to adjust and there was only one seat empty there so I told Jennifer to go. Chandni said to the people of the group that if I come then she wont play. I didn’t hear that directly but one girl sitting beside me heard that. I was crying while sitting in the last bench but none of my friendscame to be in my side No one of my group would to talk to me. It made me very sad.

Then in class seven it was the friendship day. Since no one was my friend I bought friendship band for all my former friends and I was crying seeing my bands that I bought and bands of the last year that my friends gave me.

I don’t know what happened that day. I think that day God helped me. That day all my friends started talking with me again. They also gave me friendship bands. I had tears of joy in my eyes. I was very happy.

Gradually Chandni became very bad and started telling everybody of the group negative things about other people. Her aim was to be the leader but she was not successful. We all stopped talking with her. Me and my friend Jennifer became best friends. I don’t know exactly how,, but yes we became best friends.

Now, we are in class eight and Chandni is always sitting alone. When we all play, talk and laugh she gets jealous.

It is said that if someone is a true friend that it will go and come again and if they wont come back again we should take that as person was not our true friend. The same thing happened with me and Jennifer and now we always talk happily and share everything. She is my best friend.

You should also know that when I was writing this story I had tears in my eyes thinking about my past.

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