Lisa Haydon flaunts her baby bump in bathtub

Lisa Haydon pics
Model-turned-actress Lisa Haydon is expecting her first child with husband Dino Lalvani. She shares a photo of herself flaunting baby bump in a bathtub.


Lisa Haydon flaunts her baby bump in bathtub
Lisa Haydon posted this photo on Instagram in which she is seen flaunting her baby bump in a bath tub. 

Lisa Haydon photos
This is not the first time when Lisa showed off her baby bump. She had announced her pregnancy on Instagram through a picture of herself in a bikini, while caressing her baby bump. Lisa captioned it, “Humble beginnings.” 

Lisa Haydon hot pictures
The ‘Housefull 3’ actress is expecting her first child with husband Dino Lalvani. 

Lisa Haydon sexy photos
The couple tied the knot in an intimate low-key ceremony on October 29, 2016. 

Lisa Haydon pics
Lisa made her Bollywood debut with Sonam Kapoor starrer ‘Aisha’ in 2010. 

Sexy Lisa Haydon
She played the role of a New-York returned corporate Aarti Menon in the movie. 

Lisa Haydon photoshoot
You will be shocked how Lisa Haydon got her first role in Bollywood. 

Lisa Haydon in swimsuit
Lisa was spotted by Anil Kapoor in a coffee shop and soon her agent received a phone call for a role in ‘Aisha’. 

Hot Lisa Haydon
As she was new to acting, Lisa spent three months in New York to learn method acting and also received classes on diction in Mumbai. 

Gorgeous Lisa Haydon
In 2014, She appeared in National Award winning movie ‘Queen’ with Kangana Ranaut. 

Lisa Haydon sexy photoshoot
Lisa played the role of Vijayalakshmi, a single mother who has a child out of wedlock. 

Lisa Haydon in movies
She earned kudos for her outstanding performance in the movie. 

Charming Lisa Haydon
Rajeev Masand said that she “is a complete revelation in the role of Rani’s bohemian Parisian pal, investing the character with both sultriness and genuine affection.” 

Lisa Haydon gym photos
At the age of 18, Lisa Haydon wanted to become a Yoga teacher. 

Actress Lisa Haydon
But, she started modelling to pay for her classes and rent. 

Enchanting Lisa Haydon
Lisa’s first modelling assignment was in Australia for a beauty cream. 

Lisa Haydon baby bump
She moved to India in 2007 to try her luck in modelling. 

Sensuous Lisa Haydon
In India, she walked the ramp for famous fashion events like Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WIFW), HDIL-India Couture Week(HDIL-ICW) and many others. 

Beautiful Lisa Haydon
Lisa Haydon has also featured in commercials for Hyundai i20, Indigo Nation, and Blender’s Pride. 

Lisa Haydon and Hrithik Roshan photos
In 2010, she did a commercial with Bollywood hunk, Hrithik Roshan. 

Lisa Haydon pics
Lisa Haydon says acting is more difficult than walking on ramp. 

Pregnant Lisa Haydon
“Working in front of camera is challenging. It’s altogether a different game. Ramp still comes easy to me. I enjoy being both on ramp and in front of a camera,” Lisa said during an interview. 

Actress Lisa Haydon
“Being an actress gets you to become a showstopper. Walking a ramp is certainly same for me what it was when I was just a model, but now I get to wear the special outfit. It’s exciting. I still enjoy ramp a lot,” she said. 

Lisa Haydon poses for photoshoot
Lisa Haydon doesn’t like to carry a “hot” tag. She says that being called hot is not offensive as long as there is an understanding that the said person is multidimensional. 

Gorgeous actress Lisa Haydon
She said during an interview, “I enjoy being called hot and attractive, but it gets offensive when you are putting so much more out there and all people do is pick up on that particular aspect of your personality. We are judgmental and are innately programmed to see what we see.” 

Awesome Lisa Haydon
“I don’t know if it’s a societal norm that people don’t look beyond physical appearances. Well, I think they do actually look beyond but it just takes more time. Being called hot is not offensive as long as there is an understanding that the said person is multidimensional,” she added. 

Lisa Haydon hot pics
Lisa Haydon says, “’Queen’ was finally an opportunity for me to deconstruct a bit of what people perceive as the ice-queen image. They’ve become less judgmental, open and respectful. I felt welcomed after ‘Queen’.” 

Beautiful Lisa Haydon
She also expressed her views about feminism. Lisa says, “I don’t like the word feminist. I don’t think women trying to be men is feminism. I also don’t believe in being outspoken for the sake of it, or just to prove a point.” 

actress Lisa Haydon
She further added, “Feminism is just an overused term and people make too much noise about it for no reason. Women have been given these bodies to produce children, and the spirit and tenderness to take care of people around us. It’s fine to be an outspoken and working woman. I don’t want to be a man. One day I look forward to making dinner for my husband and children. I don’t want to be a career feminist.” 

Model-turned actress Lisa Haydon
Lisa Haydon has also appeared as the host and headjudge of the first cycle of India’s Next Top Model on MTV India. 

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