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I think I have talked about this before but feel as though I should again. Friendship is so important. Our friends are the people that are like family though they are not blood. They are the people we can turn to when you are having a bad day. They are the ones you can laugh with, cry with, tell funny stories to. Friends are the people that outside family you can be yourself with and act goofy with. There the people that are by your side no matter what you are going through. A friend is the one that if someone has hurt you they would be the ones saying “time to hurt somebody”. A friend is like a sister/brother God didn’t give you. Probe because he knew your parents couldn’t handle you both as siblings. Friends are a special gift we get. True friends are the ones that will borrow your things and forget it’s yours. They will call you up at strange times just to talk. They are the reason you don’t have food in the fridge because they come over to eat all the time. They walk into your house saying I’m home. They show up without you knowing when they like. There the ones who come up to your parents hugging them calling them mom and dad though that is not there parents. True friends are the ones who are by your side no matter what. Sometimes though friends do fight. They get mad over something that has happened. Maybe say somethings they didn’t mean to say or block each other on social media websites. Sometimes these fights are for a short time others are for a long time. But really fighting is pointless to me. I hate seeing my friends fight each other it makes me sad seeing it and being put in the middle. I will never forget when I was in the first grade. There were three girls they were my best friends. Two of them every other week would be in a fight. Something would be said or done and then they would be in a huge fight putting me and our other friend right in the middle. Then we would have to play massager for the two of them till they would make up. We would hate it. Neither of us wanted to do that we just wanted them to stop fighting. It was always over something pointless to. I got mad at them over one of the fights and stopped talking to them till they made up. It wasn’t right then putting my other friend and me in the middle of there fights. When you get put in the middle it hurts you because a friend is someone you care about and love. Putting your friend in the middle of your fight just hurts that person. It hurt me today to see two of my closes friends fight. I cried hearing about what happened between the two of them. Listening to both sides of the story I realized though that there both hurt over this two. I really think they still care about each other. They were such great friends like family to each other and me. But this fight has come between the two of them. And yesterday two friends had been in a fight with each other. It’s like everyone is just fighting now. Friends becoming enemies. It’s not right. Friendship isn’t about fighting it’s about being there for each other. It’s about helping each other through the bad and laughing through the good. About protecting each other when someone tries to hurt them. About going out to the movies, shopping or to lunch and having some fun. Whatever you like doing with friends. So in closing on this post I have a few questions. Please leave me some comments with answers. I would love to hear from you all.

  1. What is a true friend to you?

  2. When your friends fight what do you do?

  3. Is it right to be put in the middle of your friends fighting?

  4. If someone hurts your friend what would you do?

  5. Finally share a story about you and your friends. The story can be funny, sad, haWhatever story you choose to share.

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