After Quitting Nairobi Diaries, Vera Sidika Unveils Mega Plans For Her Own Reality Show And A Modeling Agency


Say what you want about controversial socialite Vera Sidika but you have got to admit she has made herself quite a tidy career and fortune by branding her name across the tabloids. Ever since she hit spotlight as a video vixen, she has since spun herself into a money making marketing machine.

That said, Vera Sidika recently unveiled what has been taking up her time to the dismay of others it wasn’t a man but a new project dubbed ‘VS Models.’

The lass revealed that ‘VS Models’ is a modelling agency through which she will be giving youth an opportunity to show case their talents.

That’s not all she had in Vee surprise bag, Vera also announced that she is also working on a new reality show.

She posted on her social media page;

“On several occasions I have received messages asking how I made it this far… I started off as a model. I have been working on this project for a while now. I would like to give youth an opportunity to explore their talent. That’s how I came up with @verasidikamodels. Looking for potential models, both male & female. All Shapes & Sizes. If you have the qualities of a model,believe in yourself, smart, intelligent & have a passion. Kindly forward your photos to Dates for the official auditions will be announced soon. Plus, being a VS model might just get a chance to b part of My Upcoming RealityTV Show.”


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