10 Reasons I Wear Yoga Pants


My husband recently forward me an Associated Press article entitled “Jeans face an uncertain future amid yoga wear rage.” The article said good ol’ denim sales were down 6% last year. Um, one look at the drop off line at school and I could have told you that, AP. This is what I wear most days – yoga pants and a Target tank top. I call it my “mom uniform.”

One morning, my son accused me of not being dressed and I said, “I’m dressed!” My daughter barely glanced at me and said, “That’s what she wears. She doesn’t wear real clothes.” “Huh?” I said, pointing at my yoga pants, “These aren’t real clothes?!” And now the press has proven I’m not alone. We’re all wearing yoga pants. Why? I’ll tell you why!

  1. Because yoga pants are stretchy and comfy and forgiving. They don’t care if I’ve polished off my daughter’s mac n’ cheese every day for five weeks running.
  2. Because yoga pants are black and they hide (almost) any kid schmultz my son spreads on me.
  3. Because yoga pants are “athleta-wear” and I lie to myself and say I’m going to exercise and I don’t want to change twice.
  4. Because my muffin-top doesn’t flop over my yoga pants like it does in jeans. I can almost tuck it in, Spanx-style, into the top of my yoga pants.
  5. Because they’re easy to pull on and those 20 seconds it takes to zip and button my jeans aren’t seconds I’m willing to spare.
  6. Because my fashion sense died when I had kids.
  7. Because I’m too busy packing snacks, making lunch, fixing breakfast, braiding hair, finding matching socks, stuffing backpacks, putting on shoes to spend time on myself.
  8. Because I rarely leave the house anyway.
  9. Because who the hell am I dressing up for? An audience of preschoolers?
  10. Because I don’t really give a crap.



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