Hi I’m Jadah! ❤️ Model. Makeup addict. Travel addict.

He is so smol and pure. I must protect tiny fur nugget.
Hi I’m Jadah!  Model. Makeup addict. Travel addict.
*Fergie voice* just workin' on my fitness, he's my witness 🎶ooooooh OOOh! Thank you @proteinworld for the motivation 💪🏽💖
Sand nudes ;) 😂😂😂 get it?? Are you shore?? I'm so punny omg, I can't be stopped help
So proud of this cute Swarovski Crystal swimsuit I sewed from scratch! Do you guys like it?? ❤️💎☺️
I guess this photo comes pre-captioned 🤷🏽‍♀️
For anyone who needed this today, also, my DMs are always open if you ever feel depressed and have no one to talk to, I try my best to be here for you guys if you're feeling a sense of hopelessness. But remember! You are a living, breathing, remarkable human! I promise! You survived EVERY obstacle you faced so far, and you will continue to shine every day. Love you guys. Also, please remember to uplift your fellow women- be gentle and kind! You have no idea what someone is going through.
Growing up, every single afternoon my grandparents and I would watch The Price Is Right while she cooked lunch for my grandpa. They were such good memories that still crack me up to this day. Well yesterday I was able to take my grandma to the real thing! She didn't get to "come on down!!!" But you'll always be a winner in my eyes, Mimi!
I had a really fun time on "live" with you guys yesterday, thanks for making my day! Alsooooooo For those of you who asked, my smile stays white and sparkling for the GAWDSSSSSS  thanks to @brighterwhite ✨😁
I relate to this on a spiritual level. #Sociallntrovert
Time for some bedtime yoga and @proteinworld to end the night 🌙✨💕 goodnight my loves!
If you saw my Snapchat you would know that I may or may not have did some serious damage at papa johns 🙃 now I'm detoxing with my @teamiblends to get rid of all those toxins and greasy goodness. It's like magic tea ☕🍃to make sure I don't get bloated after my cheat meal 🍕😱 Use my code: JADAH15 for 15% off your order! #thankyouteami #lifesaver
We need to forward to the islands and get you gold, no spray tans ☀️ #BirthMonth #Bahamas (gorgeous lashes by the one and only @secsilashes 💖)
Bahamas for my birthdayyyy! Pics coming right up 😘 thank you @proteinworld for always helping me stay on track when I'm traveling. The vanilla flavor tastes almost as good as birthday cake 🎂 💪🏽😉
👑Birthday Girl 👑 4/12/95
Confession: I still take children's Flinstone vitamins because they taste good, did any of you take those??? Now that I'm an adult or whateva (I use that term loosely 😂) i combine them with 2 natural @skinnyvitamins weight loss gummies! I take 2 every morning and my hunger is curved and my appetite suppressed! #WorkingTowardsMyWeightLossGoalz
PSA! 📣Girls need to support girls! 📣 no matter where you are in your "body goals", I support you. Thanks @proteinworld for helping me work toward achieving mine. Work hard for YOU! 💕💪🏽
When boys enter the hug recklessly then complain about makeup stains 🙄💁🏽
Do a face mask, drink some @proteinworld and move on from him, gurl.
Because sometimes you just have to randomly start dancing 💃🏽 loving my curves and loving my @teamiblends purple tumbler ☕🍃💜 makes it so easy to take my skinny tea to the gym! Use my code JADAH10 to get a discount! #thankyouteami
This is my floofy little doggo. I love him even though he has a baby hitler mustache and prefers lettuce over dog food.
Y'all be saying I'm cute but I don't have a boo, so who's lying?????¿
So as you guys know..I'm NOT a runner. if someone was like "run a mile or I will set you on fire." I'd literally be like "welp. I always wanted to be super hot anyway." 🤷‍♀️but I realized I don't mind walking. So I've been walking 4 miles a day with my @proteinworld and I've definitely noticed a difference in my energy levels and body! What do you guys like to do for exercise?
Why you gotta fight with me at cheesecake?
Back using my fav @Brighterwhite teeth whitening kit! This product has whitened my smile so much 😬#BrighterWhite
I feel like in these photos I look like a darling vintage  starlet who never wanted the fame but instead misses her star-crossed lover who died in a mysterious motorcycle accident yet I never fully recovered... only to later develop a drinking problem because all of the cameras in my face created such a mental haze that I just wanted to forget it all.... and while typing that I just realized how extra I am 😂😂😂 I think I've been listening to too much Lana Del Rey 😩😩😩
When you know you're his weakness 😇
$0 date, $20 date, or $200 date...it doesn't matter. Thank you for taking me out and spending time with me.
*smacks hand when he reaches for some* 😂😂😂
I continuously have the urge to delete every social network and enjoy the peace of being disconnected.
I just wanna take my time with you.
What sport did you play? 🤔 Fun Fact: I was a cheerleader for a few years! Not-so-fun fact: I think I sprained my wrist trying to take this photo to prove "I still got it" 😂😂😂 now I'm icing it 😅😩 last fun-ish fact: I think I would have broke my hip, ankle, spine, big toe, you name ittttttttt if I hadn't been drinking @proteinworld before stuntin' for the gram like this.
I don't chase anyone anymore. I learned that I'm here, and I'm important. I'm not going to run after people to prove that I matter.
Think about all the cute people you’ve seriously crushed on in class or the times you’ve looked at a stranger and realized how beautiful they looked in that moment, flecks of gold light hitting the tips of their eyelashes, deep in thought, rosy-cheeked and unknowingly captivating.
Now think about how many times that’s likely happened to you but no one voiced it. just like you have secretly admired others, others have admired you. someone has been silently overwhelmed with the uniqueness of your features or the smoothness of your voice. even though you might not always be told how beautiful you are, remember this. Maybe even tell someone the next fleeting compliment you have, because people aren’t reminded often enough just how beautiful they truly are.
I just realized my zipper was down all day when I saw this photo 😂 welp
It feels like "let's just be friends" weather outside
From freezing to FIERCE 😭👏🏽 thanks @proteinworld for getting me spring break ready! 💪🏽🤤😍 the slender blend curved my cravings and IT TASTES SO DARN YUMMY 👅, can't wait to get back on my healthy grind 💕
We miss 100% of the sips we don't take, babes
Sugar, spice, and everything nice create the perfect @teamiblends 💝💕💫 went out last night and drank my teami first thing in the morning and I feel AMAZING! The detoxing properties are incredible 🙏🏽use my code JADAH15 to get a discount
Feeling a lil ill today but nothing some kitty ears and @proteinworld protein powder can't fix! I'm gunna pair this with some bedtime yoga and i know I'll wake up tomorrow feeling rejuvenated 🙏🏽💆🏽💪🏽
I need to stop telling ppl to fight me like every 10 mins. I'm literally 5 feet tall..like what am I gunna do? Hide in a vent? How tall are u guys? And are u willing to catch these chubby toddler fists? 😫😂
I like being alone but I want someone to be alone with, if that makes sense.
I don't know what's tighter....our friendship or our chokers. Either way I'm happy I have both @jackietaytay 😘
Monday Vibezzzzz 💪🏽did you guys do anything active today? I am happy to say I hiked a mountain this afternoon and did not die of exhaustion...or by falling off the ledge. So I'd say it was pretty successful overall lmao. @proteinworld protein powder is EVERYTHING. Couldn't have done today without it, fam 🙏🏽😩💕💪🏽#BeastModeAF
Hello insta fwends, how are you today? 🐻
💝 Yesterday's V-Day Makeup 💝 I felt like Cupid sneezed all over my face and I loved every minute of it 😭
Issa Wife 💍
Ready to jump start my 30 day @proteinworld challenge! I just found out about it yesterday, and It's on like donkey kong 😭💕2017 is my healthy, happy year and I'm still going strong since my New Years resolution! 💪🏽
When you say you hate drama but your girl calls with some fresh tea ☕️😂
(Booties: @egoofficial )
Super excited to finally be single enough to slap my own butt this Valentine's Day. It's going to be amazing. #FeelingFergalicious
Anyone wanna be snap besties?? 👻 SC: "LifeOfJadahDoll" 💕 comment yours!
This is what a Penn State Feminist looks like! #WeAre
Makin my way downtown, walkin fast, haulin ass cuz it's cold out 🎶
I freaking love this cute top. And I fracking love this @teamiblends tea. And I fricking fracking love you guys. Still on my New Years resolution grind! Summer bodies are made in the winter, ya know! Use my code JADAH15 to get 15% off your order - perfect for a vday gift for yourself ❤ ❄️😋😏☕️#thankyouteami
Adult life may be full of pain and suffering but at least we don't have to do PE anymore.
Tbh I don't even know how I fit my hair under this wig. It was all a blur. But it involved pliers and snack breaks if you must know.

Makeup Details: 🎨Foundation: @makeupforeverofficial HD foundation stick "Y415", @katvondbeauty lock it concealer in neutral for blemishes and @tartecosmetics shape tape concealer in "fair" for dark circles. For contouring I used @toofaced chocolate soleil in "medium/deep". For blush I used @narsissist "orgasm". Highlighter is "opal" and "moonstone" from @beccacosmetics . And finally, i drenched my face in @urbandecay "all nighter" setting spray! 👀Eyes: @loraccosmetics eye primer, then @toofaced chocolate bon bons eyeshadow palette. For the gorgeous glitter I use @glitterspectrum pressed glitter in the fuchsia pink color. 
Liner is @stilacosmetics stay all day waterproof liner in "intense black". Mascara is @benefitcosmetics they're real beyond mascara, lashes are @lillylashes in style "Miami". 😌Brows: @anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrow pomade in the color "chocolate". Using @beccacosmetics "opal" as a highlight. 💄💋Lips: @smashboxcosmetics always on liquid lipstick in "big spender, topped with @shopjadahdoll iridescent lip gloss in "Siréne" 💕💕💕
Why did Apple add a clown emoji? The boy emoji already exists? Add more heart variations so I can express my love in more ways.
Raw 💕🎀💞
🍭🍬🍫 Sugar Rush 🍫🍬🍭
"Hey Big Head" AF 😕
Cause great scenes might be great, but I love your bloopers ⛵️
Destroy the idea that it's humble to hate yourself. Destroy the idea that loving yourself is conceited.
If I had to watch this, now all of you do too 😂😂😂
How dare this outfit I planned in my head not look good on my body. Disrespectful. 😭🎀💕 but my gorgeous shoesies are from @egoofficial because I know you love bugs are going to ask me. Lol
When bae asks for your password so you gotta act like you're doing the mannequin challenge.
Makeup got me like: New face, who dis? 😂😂😂
My 2017 Glo Up is going great, thanks for asking 💁🏼👑💖💅🏽✨
"911? Yes I'd like to report something she did."
Operator: "what did she do?"
Me: "THAT."
🎄🎅🏽❤️ Santa Baby ❤️🎅🏽🎄
I'm not taking my tree down til February. Sue me.
Happy Holidays! 🎄 Day before Christmas and Im taking @skinnyvitamins 🍍 to help me with maintaining my weight goals! 👙 I really love this product it has really helped me! Use code Happy Holidays to get a discount! #allnatural #gummies #yestheywork
What did you guys ask for for Christmas??? Like the fun stuff, not pageant answers like "world peace" 😭last year I asked for black lives to matter but Santa just left me on "read". 😐 anyway this year I want the same thing but I also added a Sephora gift card to my list and a new "connect 4" game because I lost half my red pieces in a freak spider incident. (There was a spider on a pile of them and I just said "welp, they're his now" and threw away the whole game and burned it).
In 2017, I wanna be the girl from Hotline Bling. Wearing less and going out more, glasses of champagne out on the dance floor, running out of pages in her passport....her life sounds lit AF
Grabbing my @teamiblends skinny tea before i head out! ☕️🍃💗Before I started drinking @teamiblends I was always tired and had to drink coffee all the time. Im so obsessed with how yummy their detox tea is and it keeps me energized no matter what I do during the day! Let me know if you have any questions about their teas- I love them! Use my code JADAH25 to get 25% OFF for the holidays 🎄to give @teamiblends a try! #thankyouteami
@brighterwhite teeth whiteners make the perfect stocking stuffers for the holidays! 🎄
When Bae does something nice for you but you act like you weren't aggressively hinting at it for the last few weeks 😂
The colder it gets outside, the more fashionable and powerful I become. 🌬
Thick Thighs, Thin Patience
You're my favorite notification.
Look at my lil love nugget! Volunteering at your local animal shelter or even simply donating is one of the most rewarding things you can do. How could you ever have a bad day taking care of these furry balls of joyous snuggles all day?! This sleepy lil squeaker is up for adoption as well as millions of other whiskered companions across the US 🐱🐶❤️️ stop by your local shelter to see if they need any assistance 💖 p.s. I named him "Taco" because his eyes remind me of the water from my place in Mexico 😍🐠🌊🌮😂
I be walkin in front of white men and just fartin on purpose.
It's Lit AF #RoomTourComingUp 🦄🎀
Handling finals like a BOSS 📚📝👓 eeerrrmm.. meaning I didn't shed a single tear today 😅😭thank sweet baby Jesus for my @teamiblends energy boost 🙌🏽 you can use my code 20DOLL for 20% off so you can even buy teami as a holiday gift! 🎁make sure you get a tumbler! I'm obsessed with my pink one 💗! #thankyouteami
I want your eyeballs to see what my eyeballs saw. My eyeballs are very happy.
Ball of fluff down. I REPEAT. BALL OF FLUFF IS DOWN. ⛸❄️🎀
Happy Cyber Monday!! Keeping the pearly whites glowing with @brighterwhite! ❤️ #teethwhitening 😬
When you're scared AF of Santa, but can't pass up this perfect photo opportunity 😭🎄😕
Woohoo it's Black Friday!! After yesterday's Thanksgiving festivities 🦃 I definitely needed my @teamiblends detox to get rid of all the bloating! Who else needs a detox? Use my code BOGOJADAH when you buy 1 detox pack you get the 2nd one FREE!!! Use my code now because they never have deals like this! #thankyouteami💕
🎶 Gobble baby, gobble baby, gobble baby, gobble.... 🎶
Thankful for all of YOU! ....and not so thankful for this weird "wtf do I wear today" weather. 🍗💗
Being so busy with Thanksgiving 🦃 around the corner I wanted to make sure I didn't skip any days on my @skinnyvitamins routine👙I found out they have an 📲 App! I'm so happy! The app reminds me to take the Gummies, allows before and after pictures and has a recipe book! By the way Use code BlackFriday to try it out for yourselves! #thankmelater #yestheyActuallywork lol
Loving my results from @skinnyvitamins this is my 2nd week and I'm happy to report they actually work! 👙#allnatural #gummyvitamins
America? Don't know her.
Guys it's over. Trump won.
Cruelty-Free, Ultra Moisturizing, LONG lasting, Make-out proof, Strawberry Scented, No touch ups needed, MATTE lip stain (Link in bio!) 💋💄🙌🏼
Why are cats praised for being chubby and covered in hair, but not I? 🤔
"Does she scare you a little? Good. She should make you fear her love so that when she lets you be apart of it, you won’t take it lightly. She should remind you of the power that beauty brings, that storms reside in her veins, and that she still wants you in the middle of it all. Do not take her soul for granted, for she is fierce, and she can take you places that you never thought you could go; but she is still loving in the midst of it all, like the calm rain after a storm, she can bring life. Learn her, cherish her, respect her, and love her; for she is so much more than a pretty face, she is a soul on fire.” -T.B. LaBerge
The post-Halloween struggle is real! 😫🎃 I'm still recovering from this weekend 😅my @teamiblends skinny tea is making the detox process sooooo much easier! Use code: JADAH10 to get some of my favorite tea right now 💃🏼 #thankyouteami
Cheek bones? What about cheek chub? Petition to romanticize fluffy plump cheeks 🐻🌹
The Devil Wears Nada
I have so many Halloween pictures, but NONE in my best outfit I wore on Actual Halloween 😩😩😩🎃 ugh but I can't let these bomb selfies go to waste 😜 here's another of #JessicaRabbit 🐰💋
Having the ability to propel "sleeping gas" (baking flour) out of my fluffy tatas all night last night was both a blessing and a curse. Blessing for me, curse for everyone standing within 4 feet of me. 😂😂😂💖 #FemBot #AustinPowers
FINALLY found an actual non-blurry photo from the other night 😭 I thought my clutch I designed was a cute lil touch... til it brushed past some girls thigh and got self tanner all over it 😂😫😕 #JessicaRabbit
💋 "Oh, Honey Bunny!" 💋
Thursday of #hallowekeend ! Last night I was a struggling, last minute Jessica Rabbit 🐰🎙📽💋👠🎤💣⛓ makeup details coming soon! And don't worry, my outfits for the next few nights won't be as rushed. I can't wait for you to see!!!! 🔮
🍒 Nasty Woman 🍒
I look like such a lil Penn Stater here lol 💙 but I kinda wanna start posting more "personal" photos, like my everyday life.  Here is me today skipping around because these flowers were 75% off at HomeDepot😂💃🏽🌼 so what I mean is that I'd like to show you guys the real me, which is not in full glam 24/7. Because we can't all be Beyoncé right? But don't worry, I am still a mermaid princess so I AM  consistently fabulous like 4-5 days a week 😂😂😂💅🏽👑💋
Why does my cat always feel the need to be included? I'm trying to cleanse and detox with my @teamiblends and she's like "bihh me too." 😹 use my code JADAH10 to start 💖 #thankyouteami
🍁 They see us rollin. They hay-tin. 🍂 #50ShadesOfHay #SippinThatHayterade #LipStainsFromShopJadah
When in doubt, pout your way out.
✨ The cutest lippies in existence ✨ only at shopjadah.com 💖

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