Won the derby derby of Catalan, Barca reclaim the top spot

Won the derby derby of Catalan, Barca reclaim the top spot
Only a few hours after being crowned top Real Madrid, Barcelona reclaimed No. 1 La Liga after a 3-0 win over Espanyol. The 164th derby derby in history is determined by the mistakes that Luis Suarez twice punished the home team …

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Won the derby derby of Catalan, Barca reclaim the top spot
Barca:  Suarez (50 ‘, 87’), Rakitic (76 ‘)
Barcelona entered the Catalan derby with Espanyol with great confidence as they welcomed the return of Neymar star after a three-match suspension. However, this confidence did not last long when Espanyol entered the confidence to create a good posture.
In the first 45 minutes of play, Espanyol effectively blocked Messi, Suarez and Neymar. Barcelona’s ball lane was telephoned remotely by a large crowd and focused. They push Barca to play with the ground is to use the crossroads and crosses. But in the first half, the striker’s first-team striker did not hit the net.
Not only good defense, Espanyol also created impressive counterattack situations. Most remarkably the ball came in the 5th minute when Jurado had a good chance but he crossed the corner of the wooden frame in empty posture.
Barca gently knock down Espanyol to maintain a position to chase Real on the championship track
Barca gently knock down Espanyol to maintain a position to chase Real on the championship track
The break between the two matches makes the determination and concentration of Espanyol players somewhat affected. It was clear in the 50th minute, when Jurado passed carelessly. Suarez just waited to get out and coldly opened the score with a cheek in the corner. It was the first goal scored Barca in the match and it was transformed into Suarez goal, ending thirst after six rounds of individual striker Uruguay.
Jurado’s mistake is the knot of the match, bringing relief to Barca with the scoreboard. Meanwhile, it made the Espanyol defense plan of bankruptcy.
The following minutes, Espanyol pushed the team higher. However, the home side can not put pressure on the goal Ter Stegen by Barca midfielders still own a good midfield. Meanwhile, the gap to reveal behind has brought opportunities for Barca. On the 75th, Messi accelerated from the middle of the pitch to the edge of the box and passed the ball to Rakitic in a favorable position and gently lift the score to 2-0.
In a losing streak, Espanyol lacked concentration in the defense. 87 minutes, breaking the ball Aaron’s failure has made it unlikely Suarez advantage for Suarez double set a 3-0 victory for Barca. With this win, Barca have reclaimed the top Real Madrid less than a few hours after the Madrid team to hold the same 81 points but more than one opponent.

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