Shekinah Tells ALL About Butt Surgeries, Tiny’s Critics + Her Response to the Hate [VIDEO]

Shekinah Tells ALL About Butt Surgeries, Tiny’s Critics + Her Response to the Hate [VIDEO]

By Soraya Joseph

And this is why we love Shekinah! Shekinah bares the 100% truth (even sharing some video) of her plastic surgery (even though she wants critics to know she had a butt before it all) . The 4’11, petite boss lady and famous hair stylist to the stars in Atlanta is also here 100% for her bff Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris. Read below what Shekinah Jo had to say about her surgery, her body before, the famous instagram pic and the critics that come for her and her ‘lil mama.’

On her infamous instagram pic with the red lingerie
Me and my friend Tiny were playing around in my bathroom and.. I get up and put on my clothes and she’s like ‘Girl you look fine today’ and I was like ‘Don’t it girl’ and I said ‘Well take my picture then’ and she took my picture and that’s the picture we got. And we put it up on Instagram- why not?
On Her Butt Enhancement Surgery
Yes, ok let me show you. [stands up] They took this fat out my stomach right? And they put it all in my behind. It moves and everything -it’s cute. You see it move? [jiggles butt] Yess, it’s cute!
Dr. Jimerson did it for me and I appreciate it. He hooked me up. But, I eat too many ribs and cheeseburgers and the fat sometimes comeback. It’s in my neck a little bit. It’s in my jaws. It came back in my titties. These are MY titties! I’m thinking about going to get them cut off too. So coming soon- breast reduction for Shekinah Jo!

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