Meet the real life barbie gunning to have the smallest waist on the planet

A ‘real-life Barbie’ has undergone her latest extreme surgery – pumping fat from her thighs and belly into her hips, bum and LIPS.

Pixee Fox is only 26 but the plastic surgery-obsessed blonde – dubbed ‘a living cartoon’ – has already had more than 100 procedures.

The Swede, described by her despairing mum and dad as a ‘natural beauty’ before turning to cosmetic surgery , has finally shown off her radical transformation to her parents face to face.

Pictured with her sister

But dad Karl-Axel Bartholf and mum Anna-Lena, back in Pixee’s hometown of Gävle, hate their daughter’s transformation and admit fearing for her health.

Anna-Lena said: “First of all, I think it could be dangerous. When does the body say: ‘No, stop!’?
“Now she is 26, what happens when she is 62? And she was so beautiful before.”

Pixee said:

“It’s always a little uncomfortable to go home. I never really fitted into my hometown.”Even when I was very young, I felt like I had to go away and do my own thing.My parents don’t really understand why I am doing this but I am very close with my sister, Lovisa.”

Lovisa, 28, still lives in Gävle where she breaks in horses for a living, supports her sister but would never consider opting for surgery herself.

She said: “I think Pixee aims high and has lots of plans. She has already achieved a lot,”


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