3 reasons why Flavour is Nigeria’s Hottest male musician (photos, video)

Flavour is Nigeria's Hottest male musician

Ask anyone around who Nigeria’s S3@.x:’iest male artiste and one name would be mentioned loudly Flavour. Below are 3 reasons why.  


1. He has never shied away from using S3@.x:’ to promote his brand

Flavour kossing Tiwa SavageFlavour kissing Tiwa Savage in his video for Oyi

Flavour has never been shy of using S3@.x:’ to promote his videos. Remember when he kissed Tiwa Savage in the video for Oyi? Some of us are still shocked till date. Most of his videos also feature drop dead women as his love interest too.

Flavour kissing Chidinma in the video for OlolufeFlavour kissing Chidinma in the video for Ololufe

2. His live performances


Have you ever seen the Ijele one of Africa perform on stage? Even before he belts out one tune, ladies scream for him to take off his shirt. And they are right to do so! In the words of one of my colleagues who is a fan, “we should start referring to him as his royal S3@.x:’iness”. This is probably what the guys at Flat Tummy Tea Nigeria thought of when they signed him as their brand ambassador.

3. His recent video

Flavour and modelFlavour and model Alisha Berry on set of his video for Obianuju

Most people have described the video for his song Obianuju as ‘soft P@.rn’. The only thing Flavour and Alisha Berry (the model who played the lead role in the video) didn’t do was to perform the actual act!


Watch it for yourself to understand what I am talking about:


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