Top 21 Hottest Black Models


The modeling scene has been dominated by Caucasian beauties for decades with barely any women of color at the beginning. Of course, this was a long time ago, and now things have changed for the better, as we have stunningly looking models of all races, genders, and whatever other preferences people may have.


Today, however, I’ll show you a list of black models of African-American, Caribbean and African descents. Most of them are African-American, of course. They are probably some of the most alluring girls ever to walk the runways. In addition to being incredibly sexy, young girls around the world look up to these ladies as role models, which isn’t great, but not a bad thing either, considering there are way worse role modes to have. You should get into science, girls, not showing off your body. That’s get us nowhere.


Anyway, let’s go see who are these 21 hottest black models, shall we?



  1. Tyra Banks, African-American



  1. Jessica White, African-American



  1. Chanel Iman, Korean/African-American



  1. Arlenis Sosa, Dominican
  2. Damaris Lewis, African-American



  1. Bre Scullark, African-American



  1. Ana Paula Araujo, Brazilian

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