Top 10 Indian Models of All Time

Modeling nowadays is not just about representing designers’ collections and accessories. Today’s models conquer the world with their creativity, unusual and unconventional looks, lifestyles etc., making new statements.
Undoubtedly, besides very interesting and unusual culture, India is hugely famous for its modeling world. Magnificent thick hair, big expressive eyes, curvaceous figures… And it’s not only these qualities that make Indian models stand out from the others.
We already know such successful models as Lara Dutt, Bipasha Basu, Aishwarya Rai, who have become famous celebrities and actresses after their first career in modeling.
But there are a lot more of unbelievably hot beauties you need to know about. Check out these top 10 Indian models who successfully transformed the understanding of the Indian fashion world.



1. Madhu Sapre
The woman was an athlete in the 90s, became a top model and also achieved the title of Miss India. She represented India at the 1992 Miss Universe pageant and took 2nd place. There was a huge scandal in 1995 with Mumbai police involved, when her and Milind Soman, a male supermodel Sapre worked with, posed in a nude photoshoot for Tuff Shoes. No doubt, Sapre is one of those who turned the Indian fashion world upside down.

2. Sheetal Mallar
Sheetal is an Indian model and contemporary photographer from Mumbai. She was one of the 12 finalists of the 1994 Elite Supermodel Contests. The model worked for such famous brands as Fendi and Armani and also she’s a face of Maybelline.

3. Diandra Soares
The world probably hasn’t seen bold models on the runway before Diandra’s debut. And we can surely say, Diandra is the most gorgeous bold model ever to appear in the modeling industry. She is also a fashion designer, and actress and a makeup artist.


4. Jesse Randhawa
The 40 year old model from Jaipur achieved her popularity due to her participation and first place in the 1990’ “Femina Miss India” where famous celebrities Aishwarya Rai and Sushmita Sen also took part. Jesse appeared in more that 7 movies developing her filming career.

5. Kanchan Tomar
Young and gorgeous, Kanchan is continuing to take India by storm, participating in hot photoshoots. Why not? The model’s perfect curves allow her to put on any kind of outfit and still look good. The woman gained her model’s popularity through the steamy photos for the Kingfisher swimsuit calendar.

6. Deepti Gujral
She is also one of the models who appeared in the oh, so revealing Kingfisher swimsuit calendar. But many people know her as an actress: she starred in “ Ishq Vishk” (2003), “Pulsar MTV Stunt Mania Underground” (2009) and “I, Me aur Main” (2013).

7. Sobhita Dhulipala
The definition of sexy, Sobhita Dhulipala! She’s just 23 years old and became famous in 2013 due to her participation in ‘Miss India Earth’ and ‘Miss Earth Philippines.’ The supermodel’s stunning appearance helped her to win in such contests as “Miss Talent”, “Miss Photogenic” and “Miss Eco Beauty” etc.


8. Bipasha Basu
Bipasha started her career as a top-notch model and then became an actress. Her career started at the age of 17 and soon she appeared on more that 40 magazine covers. She reportedly got tired of modeling and primarily appears in Hindi language films, thrillers and horror movies. And now she’s one of the highest paid Bollywood actresses.

Speaking about plus-size models of today, there’s still a body shaming going on in the Indian modeling world.



9. Srishti Kumar
Srishti is 26, she is a stylist and fashion consultant. She started working in the fashion industry at the age of 16 as a designer and soon became a fashion consultant. She loves her job and says it gives her more confidence in wearing whatever she likes and helps her achieve the look she wants to popularize. Srishti Kumar is one of the curvy models featured in ELLE magazine.

10. Kritika Gill
Kritika Gill is also the woman with curvy shapes from the ELLE magazine photoshoot. She is 27 and she’s a makeup artist with a lot of passion and potential. After experimenting with spanx, the woman decided it is silly to hide her body with oversized clothing. Now she’s trying to prove that curvaceous body shapes are attractive and are worth showcasing.


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