10 Ghanaian Female Celebrities who are Really aging..yet refuse to Marry!

Today we give you some of the hottest and influential personalities in Entertainment who upon all their power, wealth and nice body still remain single in the midst of “hungry” men out there who will kill for a taste of their awesomeness any day.
Some also get “chopped” down like biscuits for free but refuse to marry for reasons known to them.

Marriage is one culture in Ghana which is greatly upheld in every tribe and religion. In the Ghanaian society, a lady who is single is seen as an outcast and the males are seen as “lazy folks” who are simply avoiding the responsibilities of parenting.

So in no particular order, click on the next button to see bachelorette no 1 as we take this journey!

1. Joselyn Dumas:

From reseach, Joselyn is like 35 years old or so and I’m guessing she is probably not dating or in any serious relationship of some sort too….SMH! And she is damn good at flirting with these industry guys, hopping from one to the next…Sister Joselyn please find a man and stick to him you’re not growing any younger gosh!

2. Nana Ama Mcbrown:

Nana Ama Mcbrown has been married, dated and broken up so many times that sometimes we think that she is actually married.

Well, we know for sure that she is in a relationship, where this guy “chops” her for free but is he really that committed to marrying her any time soon? Will we ever hear the ring of the wedding bells or are they just “using” each other? There has been several rumors that she has secretly married this guy Maxwell. What ever be the case Nana Ama is too old to be still single ..for God’s sake you’re “40 something” years old…please settle down ayt!

3. Yvonne Nelson:

So far we can say Yvonne Nelson is probably the youngest, with age 29. I mean the girl has been dumped and heartbroken a couple of times so I’m actually doubting if she will settle down any time soon. The last time i heard she speaking in an interview she claims she is a secondary “Vergin”..which most ghanaians will be shock to hear this…hay! let it be. But in the mean time, she should have fun flirting with these bachelors and married men especially the Nigerians.

4. Mzbel:

Mzbel has three or so adorable kids but what not so adorable about her is that none of these kids have a known father.. I don’t know whether her idea of a better life is raising kids as a single mother or she is just having fun giving birth to them.

Mzbel is also 35 years with no known husband and if raising kids is her hobby then I’ve got plenty of “sper-r-r-r-r-ms” to donate to her on any day if she is willing.. According to her, she will remain single for the rest of her life – SMH!

5. Jackie Appiah:

Jackie was once married in 2005 to husband Peter Agyemang but unfortunately their marriage felt on the rocks after 3years of holy matrimony for reasons not known to us. According to our sources Jackie left the marriage with a son.

As at now, the once Ghallywood darling in movies is still unattached, probably waiting for her Prince Charming. There has also been speculations that she is going out with Canadian-based Nigerian actor, Bobby Obodowhich of course she denies all the time but the issue here is, she is not growing any younger.

Jackie is now 31 years old and that’s certainly not her “football age”.

6. Nadia Buari

Nadia Buari has been linked to dating different men in her time, from her alleged romantic affairs with popular Congolese musician (Fally Ipupa), to popular Nigerian musician (D-Banj) and another Ghanaian soccer player (?).

It would also be recalled that she was involved with Ghanaian football star Michael Essien, but the relationship eventually floundered on account of serial cheating and other shenanigans by the soccer star. At the height of the romance, most had thought the union was altar-bound, but it was not meant to be!

Since that relationship ruptured, Nadia’s love life has been off the radar, until she gave birth to twins. The 30 year old bubbly actress still leaves men in awe but why is she finding it difficult to get a good man to put a ring on it?

7. Delay (T.V/ Radio Presenter):

Deloris Frimpong Manso popularly known as “Delay” is probably the oldest of them all even though her actual age is not known to us . Judging from her looks, she is not growing any younger.  She has been rumored to be attracted to the opposite sex which she vehemently denies always.

According to our sources, the outspoken presenter is attracted to “whitemen” or fair skinned guys, but why she  is still unmarried remains a mystery to us.

8. Confidence Haugen:

Confidence Haugen (even though that is not her real name) is a socialite and what does socialites do? They are very famous and connected to people who can make you famous. They are seen constantly and almost everywhere but the big question is, what are they famous for? Confidence is also among the oldest on our list judging from her body conformation. In her youthful age, she was linked to dating a handful of men including rapper Edem who was Confidence’s first popular love, footballer Junior Agogo and more. But is she married? Well the answer is a BIG NO!

And she is damn old too — gosh!

9. Becca

Ghanaian Afropop artiste, Rebecca Akosua Acheampong, known in showbiz as Becca is the “quiet” type who has done so well over the years by keeping her dating life out of the public radar. Who and when Becca has dated remains a mystery. I mean this lady does not flirt with controversies.

Sometime back, the singer was rumored to be dating her own manager Kiki Banson who according to sources almost led to marriage. According to our sources, they had kept a low-key relationship for close to three years their affair only backfired when Becca’s family refused to acknowledge their new found love.

As at now we still don’t know whether Becca is dating or will marry any time soon.

10.Aba Anamoah:

T.V  personality Nana Aba Anamoah who is the host of popular TV program Divas Show once dropped a bombshell in a special Twitter interview that she was scared of marriage although she would love to have more children. In her own words she said “Marriage scares me. I run from a marriage proposal two years ago. I guess I’m not ready…plus marriage is not for everyone”.

So there you have it, Nana Aba will never be married but for now she has a kid and still counting, per her words.

We know we could have extended this list to cover a lot of other single female celebrities out there who are aging but still refuse to marry, the likes of Yvonne Okoro, Sandra Ankobiah, Lydia Forson, Amandah Jissih and a host of others but we handpicked this ten to talk about them.

QUOTE: A Book Can Be Judged by the Cover and it Content but not it Beauty


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