Amazing African Goddess Braids Hairstyles You Will Adore

Look divine with goddess braids!

Braided hairstyles have been present on fashion world forever, actually their history began more than thirty thousands of years ago. With the variety of styles, today let me introduce you the African goddess braids that not only look awesome but have meaning too. So in Africa a lot of things can be guessed simply looking at the plaited strands. So you can find out whether a woman is single or she is married. Whether she belong to rich or to poor family. And what status in society they have. Actually, braiding in African culture is a way to communicate verbally and non-verbally. Apparently, it is a good way to make somebody talk while styling too. However, we are here not to consider how plaiting techniques link people together, but rather to look at the amazing goddess braids hairstyles for black womenthat are adorable and impressive.

Mohawk like one braid

Mohawk goddess braids


Before we pass to the most authentic looks, here is an innovative solution. It is inspired by the original Mohawk hairstyles, and is masterfully realized on one solid braid.

Colorful goddess braids hairstyles

braids hairstyles with highlights


colorful African goddess braids

To tell the truth, to me goddess braids are a variation of old good cornrows. Just a but more voluminous and spatial, yet the same technique. And as with any other protective hairstyles, here you also can use extensions of various colors. Or color your own tresses.


Cool African goddess braids

cool goddess braids hairstyles 2017


huge goddess braids hairstyles

By the way, it is not only about the standard three-strand plaiting method, but also abut amazing twists. Look at the above goddess braids performed on Marly twists.

Various sized authentic braided styles

small and big goddess braids

You have to know that any hair design is based on  creativity and imagination. So do not limit your fancy. And go on inventing new ways like this succession of smaller and bigger strands.

Low bun with goddess braided hair

multi-strand goddess braids into low bun


wrap around goddess braids

If you are getting ready for some important event, you do not need to follow the stereotypes and go straighten your hair. Instead, you can choose these very cool braids, but end them in a low bun for refined look.

 African goddess braids ponytails and pigtails

braids into ponytails


double goddess braids

All the natural protective hairstyles give us opportunity to play with colors, boast loose and updo hairstyles. These cute ponytails and childish pigtails created with traditional goddess braids will be your inspiration.


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