My girlfriend cheated on me

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my girlfriend and I had been going out for a while and one night we were chatting about our previous conquests šŸ˜‰ I asked her if she had ever been with a guy bigger than me. she told me a story about how when she had been on holiday with her parents in the Dominican Republic. One of the hotel workers got pretty friendly with her. He was taking her on tours of places etc and doing the whole flirty holiday rep type thing. One day he got her somewhere private and said “can I show you something” she said okay and he dropped his trousers and pulled out a ‘foot long’. I was like whatever but she said he was massive. So I got out a laptop and showed her some Mandingo porn. Her response was this guy was bigger. I said was it skinny and she said no really thick, to thick for her to get her fingers round. I was a bit shocked. So I asked what happened next, she said she was a bit shocked so she just complemented him and left. A few days later she was hanging out with this guy late in the night and they decided to go skinny dipping. They started to get it on and she could feel this monster get hard, and he tried to put it in her. She said let him get in a little bit. I was like what do you mean. She said just the head. Then she heard other voices and kind of panicked and stopped and left the pool. The next day she went to the local town to buy some condoms because she had decided she really wanted to fuck this ( or let him fuck her) I joked and said was it hard finding Xxl rubbers and she replied seriously yes she could only find regular size. Then She said nothing else happenedĀ  for the rest of the holiday as no opportunity to be alone with this guy came up. I joked I guess that’s your big dick opportunity of a lifetime gone and she said her parents were thinking of going back for a holiday there and taking her. I said okay nervously. She said she really wanted to have sex with a really hung guy and if that opportunity came up again with this guy she wanted to take advantage of it.Ā  I was a bit stunned but also rock hard for some reason I was really turned on. I showed her and asked her again was he really as big as she said. She said he was at least twice as long as me and much thicker. (For you information that puts him over the 10inch mark.) she told me that she fantasised quite a lot about him.


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