This is not reel! Late actress Nirupa Roy’s sons fighting in court for rights over her bedroom

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 A still from a movie featuring Nirupa Roy, Shashi Kapoor.YouTube screenshot

The sons of late actress Nirupa Roy, who was known for playing mother to many Bollywood actors, are embroiled in a legal dispute over access to her bedroom in her spacious house in Mumbai. Her sons went against each other in court after their father’s death in 2015.

Both sons, Kiran, 45, and Yogesh, 57, have claimed that the bedroom should be used by them saying that their “sentiments” are attached to it.

The Embassy Apartments house has a 3,000 sq ft big ground floor with an 8,000 sq ft garden. The house is situated at Nepean Sea Road and is valued around Rs 100 crore.

Both currently have two bedrooms each and access to common areas like kitchen, hall and garden. One of the rooms that is used by Kiran and his family was previously used by the actress and her husband, Kamal Roy. However, both brothers want that part of the house.

In 2004, after Nirupa died, the brothers had turned against each other. The matter landed in court in 2015 after their father died.

The younger brother reportedly alleged in court that his brother was “threatening and intimidating” him to gain “complete control” of the house. Kiran had filed a petition in court saying that his parents left him as the sole owner of the house.

“I stayed with my parents during their last days, when they were tortured by Yogesh and his wife. In my father’s will, which was executed in December 2004, he made me the sole owner of the Nepean Sea Road flat, but allowed my brother and his family to reside there on the condition that they never enter my parents’ bedroom,” Kiran claimed.

The City Civil Court had dismissed Kiran’s application for restraining Yogesh from entering the bedroom. The elder brother’s application to court said that the bedroom was given to him and the younger brother has no share of that part of the property.


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