The Rich Man and the Poor Man A Parable for Thanksgiving

Image result for bookshop with two men

This is story of a poor boy of 15-18 old. He was very that he has to beg money from other to fill his stomach and no was giving him work to do so he had no choice rather than begging like beggars. He was begging near inside the railway station.

But one day his life turned. He was begging for money from the passenger of the train one passenger give his Rs200. He was amazed the man who has given him Rs 200, takes him to the nearer magazine sellers in the station. The man told to buy the magazines with that money. They bought 10 magazines, the man told to sell the magazines to the passengers of the train and keep a commission of Rs 5 on each magazine.

By this he sold all the magazines and he has now Rs 250. He told this to the man who had given him money, the man took Rs 200 back from him and told that this Rs 50 is your income not begged money with this money try to buy magazines, newspapers, ETC and sell to the passengers of the train and be self-sufficient.

By this he became a small businessman and opened a magazine shop near that railway station. He will never forget that man who has helped him to start a new business. After one year he opened a big book shop. The book seller became the best seller of books in the whole area. Peoples from out of this area comes to buy books from him as he does not sell books at high cost and is a brief shopkeeper.

Once a man came asked his for some books, fortunately the man was that who has helped in the railway stations. The man at first can’t remember but later he reminds it. He told that he is very happy seeing his success.



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