Marriages ‘Made in India’”


This short story became SPIXer (Most popular story) on 12 Apr 2014 and won INR 500


Vasthala and Akash

Vathsala was lost deep in her thoughts, thinking hard about her future after marriage, Indian marriages are a boon as well as a bane to our society.

“Vathsala are you ready” shouted her mom from downstairs; she has come back from her trance into reality
“Ha Maa, getting ready”

“Get ready, don’t be late, they might be here any time”

“haa ok Maa” she shouted back to her mom.

Vathsala is a typical Indian girl, with many dreams to achieve, she has recently completed her degree and was preparing for many competitive exams, to further study, but even in this modernized day we do find people who want their daughter to be married at an early stage.

Vathsala was a bright student, she wanted to study further and reach heights, and she still remembers the discussion with her dad on the day the match maker has bought this match.

“Dad I want to go with my further studies”

“Vathsala, everything should happen at the right time, so it’s right for you now, if your future husband accepts then you can further continue with your studies”

Now she has come back to the reality that marriage is part of life no one can escape it but as a girl she has many thoughts, about how a marriage life will be, she was tensed, about everything first whether this guy suits her mind set or not , second she needs to leave her whole family and straight away start a new life in a strangers house with his family members, how will it be? There are many questions troubling her, for all her doubts only time can answer.

Her mother has come into her room and upon seeing her, she made few changes to her attire and told few things which every mom tells to her daughter like as soon as you come outside, take blessings of everyone , answer to their questions properly etc.,

She nodded her head for everything. Why girls should do all the sacrifices, why not the guy follow the same procedures, she was fuming inside but she was expressionless outwards.

Her mom left the room leaving her. She was pacing back and forth in the room , She was tensed , she don’t know why , she’s angry , tensed , afraid , all emotions are charging upon her at once. She closed her eyes and took her breath deeply to calm herself and was waiting patiently.

Her mom has come and took her outside, she has done everything as told and her mom asked her to sit placing a chair for her. She sat with her head held down. She wanted to see the guy but she cannot raise her head.

Someone from the guy’s side asked her, “Did you see him? Did you like him?
She nodded her head still looking down.

Guy’s dad asked her father that the guy wanted to talk to Vathsala, as soon as she heard that, she raised her head quickly with a shocked expression, and she accidently saw the guy, he was looking straight at her, with a smile in his eyes , she as a reflex action looked down , she was blushing .

“Sooo … Heard that you are a bright student and wanted to continue with studies?”He asked her

Vathsala was seated in a chair opposite to the guy in the Balcony of her room, she was still sitting in the same posture, with her head held down, and she was confused on what she can talk and what she cannot. She slightly nodded her head to his question. She was shy and was hesitant to look at him.

“Don’t you have any questions to ask?” she didn’t respond to that question

“Well, ok, I have a question, isn’t your neck hurting?” he has succeeded in breaking the ice between them; with that question she raised her head and looked at him with a shy smile. She looked at him, he was looking at her, her cheeks went blue, red, pink, and into all colors.

She was observing him, he was not too good looking, but not bad even, with expressive eyes and a charming smile stuck to his face with a good body build.

“Hey… Hello… Please talk madam, say if you are not comfortable then let’s leave” he asked her in a serious tone. Finally she opened her mouth “Yes, I want to study further, but my parents are asking me to get married”

“Oh…. So you can continue with studies, no issues from my side. So what are you expecting from a guy?”

“He should understand me very well”

“That’s it?” he asked in a surprised tone

“Yeah… If understanding prevails, then there is nothing to be worried of, is what I think”

“Well, that’s really great” he told raising an eyebrow.
“So what are you expecting?” she asked him

“Well…. She should understand me for sure; take care of me and EGO shouldn’t come in between us at any point of time, that shouldn’t be the reason for clashes between us and most importantly she should understand my eyes” he said pointing towards his eyes and looking at her, their eyes met each other for a second, she turned her eyes towards the road staring at a random object and thinking ‘His eyes are so pure and full of innocence’

“Your hobbies?”

“Reading books, long drives with soft music… yours?” she asked him, her nervousness was lost, she is feeling relaxed as their conversation was moving.

“Long drives, movies, freaking out with friends “he continued “So your marriage has become a hindrance to your career?

“Not like that, I abide my parent’s decision, it’s their responsibility and I cannot disrespect them and even I felt that I can continue after marriage with the consent of my husband”

“Then what if the guy doesn’t accept, I mean not me, in general”

“There is nothing I can do” she smiled weakly

“Can I ask you one more question?” She nodded her head

“You should have a plan B if plan A doesn’t work right? I mean what if you cannot continue further with your studies? You should think of something else right?”

“Well if not studies, I think I can get a good job with my degree, so I would like to continue with that, and even if the guy doesn’t accept that, there is no problem to me, I will take up the role of an home maker” she smiled and thought to herself ‘that was what girls are meant for you guys’

“Well, that’s great” he gave a appreciative claps and continued “Do you want to ask anything else?”

“No, do you want to ask any?”
“Well, a lot of questions are there but not now, so let’s……” he gestured with his hands that it’s time to leave, when he was about to leave, he turned back and faced her and told “I don’t have any issues, if you want to further continue with your studies” they looked at each other, his eyes spoke a lot and she was lost in a trance. His eyes told her that he liked her

With that he left the room, Vathsala sat back in her chair and was thinking and re –thinking what has happened earlier, ‘I spoke with him, without any fear and my god, his eyes speak a lot’


Ishika and Arjun
“Ishika I just need some time dear, please understand” Arjun was asking her pleadingly

“But Arjun, they are pressurizing me at home, please do something fast”

Ishika and Arjun are in love from past 4 years. Who could have guessed when you began loving someone, how entwined you’d become in your relationship. After 4 years, you still say ‘I Love You’ in many different ways. May it remind you, you share a special happiness, life gives to very few!

It has all begun in their college life; it was love at first sight for both of them, but it was Arjun who has taken the step and proposed to Ishika on their fresher’s day, he has asked her to come out on a date for which she readily accepted, he proposed on the same day and she accepted and from their starts their journey of LOVE.

It takes seconds to fall in love , but years to make that love successful , the same thing has happened with them , everything would be great in the starting , but as time moves on reality dawns upon everyone , there will be a lot to struggle to face , Ishika and Arjun has successfully completed all their stages till now.

Everything went smooth and fine for them till her dad has started searching for a suitable alliance for her. As soon as she heard the news that her father was searching for alliances, she immediately told him, he asked her not to panic and to ask her parents that she needs some time.

She has somehow told them and they told her that she would be given 6 months time; she needs to be prepared mentally to get married.

“Still how much time you need Arjun?”

“Yes Ishi, I wanted to come and talk with your parents, but…”

“There are no buts and if’s Arjun, Please try to do something as soon as possible” she made a statement and turned away , this has become the state of their love , everyday they meet but gone are the days for all the sweet talk , Ishika asks Arjun about their marriage and the war between them begins.

Ishika left for home leaving Arjun alone in the café.

As soon as she reached home, she found her mom and brother seated in the hall as if waiting for someone.

She casually asked them “Waiting for anyone?”

“Waiting for you only Ishi “said her mom staring at her icily

“Why Mom?”

“Who is that guy you are in love with?”Asked her mom straight away

“Mom…” she murmured

“I know about all this all back Ishika, I’ve been waiting for you to tell everything all by yourself, but you have been prolonging it and making the situation worse.” Added her brother

‘So you are the culprit behind this’ she thought to herself

“Answer us Ishika?”

“Mom… I love Arjun” she told her mom with her head held low.

“Ishu, we are not against you or your love but are you sure he is the right one for you?” asked her mom making her sit beside her she asked her pleasingly

“Yes mom, he loves me a lot” she continued “but only if you all accept, I will marry him, without your consent nothing will happen”
“Ishu dad is searching for the best suitor, you know how much pain he is taking in finding the best match for you?” shouted her brother

“Rohit you calm down, I’m going to handle this ok?” warned her mother to her brother

“Ishu, Ask him to come down and meet me and Rohit someday this week”

“Mom…” she was surprised at her mother’s reaction, she never thought that she will take it so cool. She thanked god for her mother’s reactions and happily left her room to tell Arjun what has happened.

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