Go ahead, raise voice against me, says Sunny Leone

Go ahead, raise voice against me, says Sunny Leone
Sunny Leone, who created a buzz with her latest commercial, finally reacts to the protests against her. 

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Women Wing protest against Sunny Leone
The women’s wing of Republican Party of India (Athawale faction) had objected to a condom advertisement featuring Sunny Leone for its “obscene expressions”. 

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Sunny Leone commercial
“The advertising campaign objectifies the feminine gender and has proved to be a sheer embarrassment for all women viewers… It’s a very ugly scene and conveys a very different message,” said an indignant Women’s Wing secretary Sheela Gangurde. 

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Sunny Leone's reaction to protest
Meanwhile, Sunny Leone said, “One of the greatest things about India is the democracy and freedom of speech. If people want to raise their voice against me, they can go ahead and do it. Only the government can decide what’s best for the citizens.” 

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Sunny Leone believes in products
Sunny Leone also said, “When I sign up for a brand, I take moral responsibility for it. It’s like bringing a baby into the world. A couple goes ahead with the decision of starting a family only when it is responsible enough to take care of the child.” 

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Sunny Leone's cosmetic line
Item girl Sunny Leone, who already has a perfume line, will soon be launching her own line of cosmetic products. 

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Sunny Leone does not work only for money
In an interview, Sunny also said that work is not just about money anymore. 

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Sunny Leone: brands
Sunny Leone has around 10 brands in her kitty. 

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Sunny Leone's controversial ad
The party – led by Union Minister Ramdas Athavale – had served a week’s ultimatum to the government to initiate steps to withdraw the Sunny Leone ad, failing which it would launch an agitation. 

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Complaint against Sunny
It was also reported that many complaints from women viewers, women activists were filed on the ‘undesirable’ content of Sunny’s ad. 

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Women wing against Sunny's ad
Expressing her “deep anguish”, Women’s Wing secretary Sheela Gangurde said India is advanced, but not to the extent that such content can be freely aired or viewed on television channels by close-knit families at home. 

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Goa Women's 'Demand' On Sunny Leone's Condom Ad
Earlier, a women’s group in Goa demanded removal of ads featuring Bollywood actress Sunny Leone promoting condoms, and women models other popular birth control pills. 

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Remove Sunny Leone's condom ads, demands Goa women's group
The women’s group, Ranaragini, a wing of the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, had petitioned the Goa State Women’s Commission over the issue. 

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Sunny Leone's condom ads issue
The commission has also issued notice in connection with the matter. 

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Sunny Leone's advertisement
Ranaragini said that the advertising campaign in public places objectifying the feminine gender was proving embarrassing to women. 

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Leone's condom ad spreads wrong message
“A different message is conveyed on account of this. This is a very ugly scene,” the petition signed by the organisation’s Neha Govekar said. 

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Complaints about Sunny Leone's ad
“We have received complaints about this from many women. We, hereby, kindly request you to remove these pictures,” the petition said. 

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Sunny's featuring in condon ad
Later, speaking to reporters in Panaji, Govekar said the ads of a popular condom company featuring Bollywood actress and former adult film star Sunny Leone affixed on the Kadamba Transport Corporation (state transport corporation) buses were objectionable and needed immediate removal. 

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Sunny's condom ad sparks debate
“Why should a government concern have such ads on them,” she said, adding that the organisation had no objection to contraceptive ads, but only to the objectification of women in such advertisements. 

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Leone's hot advertisement
Speaking to reporters, the commission’s chairperson Vidya Shet Tanavade said notice would be issued to all parties concerned. “We have received the complaint. As a commission, we will issue notices to all parties involved and probe the matter,” she said. 

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Condom ads featuring Sunny Leone
This demand by women’s group has come to the front when this ad featuring Leone is being widely published in many newspapers. 

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Sunny Leone's controversial ads
According to a report, senior CPI leader Atul Anjan had in the past accused Sunny Leone’s condom advertisements for the rising number of rape cases in India. 

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Leone's condom commercial
Bollywood’s Item Girl Sunny has been again dragged in this ad controversy. 

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Leone stars in controversial ad
Sunny Leone took the ad world by storm by her steamy advertisement. 

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Sunny's hot advertisement
The pretty actress is endorsing Manforce condoms, and the ad shows her posing seductively and showing off her cleavage. 

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Sunny features in condom ad
Actress Leone, who is quite active on social media, never misses to post her latest hot photos. 

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Sunny Leone and husband Daniel
Sunny Leone and hubby Daniel Weber raised temperature in their latest photoshoot. 

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Sunny hot photos
Sunny’s stint with SRK made news as it was the first time that the actors shared the screen space together. 

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Sunny Leone's hot photoshoot
Sunny Leone also loves to spend some quality time with her husband Daniel Weber. 

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Sunny Leone's photoshoot
Leone had shared pictures giving her fans a sneak-peek into the fun she was having on her vacation. 

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Sunny enjoys with hubby Daniel
Sunny Leone’s sizzling pictures with Daniel continue to break the internet. 

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Leone in controversy again
Leone, who does not care about trolls, once said “Trolls don’t ruin my day. I actually feel sorry for them.”

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Sunny's hot pics
The Raees item girl Sunny posted few hot pictures clicked during husband-wife photoshoot. 

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Sunny Leone's sexy photos
Sunny Leone, who is undoubtedly the hottest celebrity in the industry, getting ready for an event. 

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Sunny photoshoot
Sunny Leone would like to come up with a high-end hip street line that everyone would want to wear. 

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