Give Me Your Sperm” Amber Rose Wants More Babies From Wiz Khalifa

amber rose

Amber Rose has declared her undying love for Wiz Khalifa as she still wants to have his baby, but don’t wait for a second wedding bell as that would just be pushing it.

The 32-year-old model sat for an interview where she revealed her son with Khalifa, Sebastian was the most important person in the world to the former flame as he’s the reason they had no divorce drama after she filed for divorce from the rapper citing irreconcilable differences despite being married for just a year.

amber rose
Amber Rose wants Wiz Khalifa’s sperm

Amber Rose who just launched her own app said, “We love our son so much, and Sebastian is the happiest when we’re together. Wiz will always be my best friend, forever — we’re best friends.”

“It’s kind of weird, because it’s like … we’re almost better divorced, you know? It just really worked out for us that way,” she added.

Amber whose new talk show The Amber Rose Show, will be premiering on VH1 talked about being happy while co-parenting with Wiz Khalifa despite being exes.

“[During] a full day with me and [Wiz] and Sebastian, Sebastian’s happy. He’s like, ‘Mommy this, Daddy this! It’s awesome. That’s the most important thing, is when your baby’s happy.”

amber rose
Amber Rose misses being married to Wiz Khalifa

The feminist and slut shaming advocate also chatted about life with and without Wiz Khalifa in it.

“He’s the love of my life, and that will never, ever go away,” she said while adding that reminiscing on the good’ol times with her ex-husband makes her sad.

The talk-show host also joked about adding more kids to their 3-year-old son Sebastian “Bash” Taylor Thomaz.

“Maybe in a couple years, we’ll get back together and have some more babies,” Rose said, “I tell him all the time, ‘Please just give me your sperm. That’s all I want.’”

“He’s like, ‘No,’ and I’m like, ‘Well, I’m just gonna have to take advantage of you then,’” the reality star concluded jokingly.

Apparently, there’s a future for Amber and Wiz Khalifa somewhere. Who wants these two to hook up or at least make another baby together? Meanwhile, where does that leave Terrence Ross?



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