Hotness, Money And Flaunting: A Look into the FAB Lifestyle of Omega Inkoom–Wife of Ghanaian Footballer Samuel Inkoom

Omega Inkoom, though a mother and a wife was said to SWING both ways–with rumours that she used to lick it down with rapper Itz Tiffany.

Anyway, Omega has been keeping it clean and living a low life–as the hot days of the WAGS seem to be over, with Amanda Afriyie Acquah having lost her important status.

During the Amanda days, there used to be this sort of social media flaunting, where the wives and girlfriends of our Ghanaian footballers, including Menage Donkor used to make unnecessary headlines on the back of their social media rivalry and offline scandals.



Though Amanda is out, Omega remains in the game, still living the expensive life in the pocket of her footballer husband who is said to have a current market rate of £850,000.

On social media, Omega Inkoom continues to flaunt her hotness and expensive lifestyle by posting numerous pictures and videos for her fans.

Today, we’ve decided to extend her reach by letting you into the world of the footballer’s wife-Omega Inkoom.


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